But why?

First – a little about why the need for this blog.  Quite simply I don’t think I get all my words out in the day.  You know how women have so many words that they need to say in a day, well I just don’t get them all out and spoken, so, why not write them?

I’m a legal alien here in America.  We moved here in April ’09.  I miss my ‘besties’ back in New Zealand. I miss our God talks and our encouragement to each other, to be the best Mothers, Wives and Friends we can be.  I was and am blessed to have amazing friends – we have such similar desires and hunger for God.  Only problem is a little thing called a time difference and the fact that it makes communication harder.  SO.  A new blog.  For me.  To focus on my thoughts, dreams, challenges and joys.

So, please join me as I nagivate my way through this new life of mine, and praying and hoping that I am able to do my utmost for His highest……


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