Stop playing THAT game

The Lord has been speaking to me and telling me to stop playing THAT game.  You know the one.  The COMPARISON game.  That awful cycle of comparing ourselves to others and feeling like we can never measure up.  It starts slowly, with little thought snippets going through our heads…and before we know it we’re believing those thoughts and letting these thoughts take over our once fairly healthy and confident self-esteem.

It happened yesterday as I was browsing through blogworld……I started thinking that I could never write as beautifully as that, I could never make my blog look so pretty, I could not.

Notice something wrong there.  That thinking was all about ‘I could not’.  I could not.

Don’t we all do it? Whether it is about our appearance, our jobs, our hobbies and talents and abilities, we all have times of comparing ourselves to others.  We all fall into the trap of I could not, I could not.

Then a lightbulb moment.

My life is not about ‘I could not’.  It is about ‘I am’.  Being a follower of the Great I am.  I am annointed with Holy Spirit power.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  I am purchased with His own blood.  I am a Child of God.  I am protected from the high waters and the hot fires of life.  I am a one-off wonder.

I am obedient.

So I am stopping playing the comparison game and I will do all that I have been entrusted to do, with the gifts I have been given.   There is only one me and there is only one you, and we have to be the best we can be, ‘By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples’ John 15: 8.  By wasting time and thinking I could not, and comparing myself to others I was not getting on and doing what I should be doing, so that He is glorified.

I am and I can.


*  If you feel  you need help in changing your thought life I highly recommend Jennifer Rothschild’s study ‘Me Myself and Lies’.  Whether you have a healthy thought life or one that needs a bit of work, it is fantastic at showing you how to practically change the way you talk to yourself.


2 thoughts on “Stop playing THAT game

  1. fee – you’re such an I AM person to me – a woman of courage and honesty – your blog is filled iwth compassion and beauty and hope and realness that makes people (like me!) want to draw near to God and to my mates!

    i think your blog looks great – simple and classy, like the chick i know.

    dont ever feel down abotu yourself cos seriously you’re pretty darn fine!

    you are who God has made you – wonderful, beautiful, stylish, motherly, womanly, wise (very wise!), tough, funny, a great waffle maker, thoughtful – an amazing friend and woman of God!

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