Curiouser and Curiouser

Some people would call me nosey.  Others would say I have an inquiring mind.  I just think I am a little curious – about people mostly.  Everyone has a story. ( I want to know yours).  And by the way, my curiosity wants to know why some neighbors chose to move into their house between the hours 3am and 6 am.  Methinks it was part of a police protection service…..see….I am curious (and my imagination is sometimes on overdrive!).

We live just a hop, skip and a jump away from a major highway – an interstate that can take you all the way from Mexico to Canada.  By hop, skip and a jump I mean, we can watch the traffic go by and the sound of the traffic lulls us to sleep.  Its amazing how you get used to that.

Sometimes we sit and watch the traffic go by.  My boys count the trucks and point out any unusual vehicles going along their merry way.  I wonder about the people in these cars.

Are they happy?  Are they sad?  Are they on vacation?  Are they working hard?  Will they reach their destination safely?  Do they have families?  Do they know Jesus?  What is their story?

Airports are my other favourite place for people watching.  Don’t get me started on that…..  I love love love watching people re-unite, rejoicing and then you see tearful goodbyes, stressed out families, kanoodling couples.  Everyone is on a mission to get somewhere.  Each has a goal and a destination in mind.  You see all races, all ages of people.


I get so curious about these people.  And I get curious about me, and my destinations in life.

Last night my husband and I were imagining where we will be in ten years time.  The truth is – we have no idea.  We have no idea where we will be in three years time.  According to ‘Uncle Sam’ we will be in America for three years.  This could be extended…we don’t know.

But I am not anxious about it.  Curious yes.  Anxious no.  Curious about what work we will be doing in the future.  Curious about our kids and what they will be doing in the future.  Curious about how we fit into God’s big grand scheme.  For now we know we are doing His will and we have His peace about it.  And for now, even with my curious mind, that is enough.  And that is a miracle in itself!

‘And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus’. Philippians 4:7


4 thoughts on “Curiouser and Curiouser

  1. Any one that is curious like this..wondering about people as they look at them.. are they happy.. are they sad? What’s the story? And who also talks about having jesus eyes is somebody I’d really like to get to know. I hope you’ll give me that chance 🙂 Forward aren’t I? 🙂 I really want to find people that have that heart.. and make me feel I know God more

  2. why only 3 years here? Are you guys here on some special program/assignment? GOD’S doing, no doubt! I am exactly the same way as you–watching, studying, loving God’s human race. Boy! Every adjective in the dictionary is covered when observing people. I once sat at the food court in our mall for hours and wrote down everything overheard, observed, and stealthily studied –what a voyeur I was and enjoyed “almost” every minute. Some moments made my heart weep…

    • We’re on 3 year visas – but have the option of applying to extend for an additional two years. The Spunky Hunk has just started gathering the paperwork needed for applying for the extension…..we’ll send it in sometime next month and then wait wait wait. If we get approved – we imagine we would hear that sometime in Dec/ Jan, we then have to leave the States to go to another country to get the new visas stamped in our passports…such a process. Once the 5 years is up though, we can’t stay any longer.
      Observing people is so…….amazing. Good and bad.

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