Heart ripping stuff

I’ve been such a blubber queen for the last few days.  Tears, snot, running mascara –  the works.

I sent my oldest son off to start public elementary school.  I felt like he was turning five all over again, only it was worse this time as everything is brand new for him.

I thought my heart was ripping in half.  He had met his teacher last week, so she wasn’t a totally unknown factor.  But he didn’t know anyone in his class, and he only knows one other child in the whole school.  Rip.

He is dealing with brand new systems and ways of doing things.  Breakfast in class.  Lunch in the cafeteria.  Classmates who stare at him because of his accent.  Rip.

We’ve been together practically non-stop for the last nine months.  Two months of summer holidays over Christmas time in NZ.  Three months of homeschooling in NZ before we moved.  Four more months once here, homeschooling while school was out for the American summer vacation time.  Now he is at school for six and a half hours a day.  Rip.

His little brother has lost his best friend and on-call playmate.  Rip.

Yet – he will be ok.  He came out of class yesterday smiling.  Soothing balm for the mother’s heart.

His brain is in fine working form from being used all summer.  Soothing balm.

He is treating all the new experiences like a real adventure – and if you know my Nathanael, you would know this is a miracle in itself.  He has always been a child that will gravitate towards familiarity – in everything.  Soothing balm.

A phone call from afar, to see how the mother’s heart is doing.  Soothing balm.

Hugs and laughter from the pre-schooler.  Soothing balm.

Knowing that this is Nathanael’s chance to fly.  Soothing balm.

Knowing that this is true for my son and I – ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you’ Hebrews 13:5.  The best soothing balm of all.



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