You Never Let Go

Joy and Pain

In Sun and Rain

You’re the same

You Never Let Go

It has been a tough week for me.

My big boy started school.  My little boy had a close encounter with a road, at high speed.  I’m not good with blood, I’m not good with injuries. I miss my Doctor,  I have a friendship with her that meant I could text her with my silly Mummy questions. Finances were stretched.  Loneliness moved in.  Things have ground to a halt with my husbands work due to outside circumstances.  Somethings have been just life circumstances and others – spiritual attack.

I uttered five words for the first time since moving here, and I think I meant them.  ‘I want to go home’.

But I know that would be giving up.  That would be settling for second best.  We want God’s best.  He never lets us go.

I need to remember not to let go of Him, and instead of crying inwards and saying it is too hard, I need to cry out and up to Him.


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