Following the God Nudgings

Let me start today by saying – no way am I a Superwoman Superspiritual Superstar.  I have my many faults.  I am a work in progress……I mess up many many times….BUT I love it when I get things RIGHT!!  I love it when I follow the God nudgings in my life and God can work in and through me.

Also – just a little thing – but I want this blog to be real and about the ‘now’.  About things that are happening now, in an attempt to keep me accountable, to keep me pressing deeper into God.  I can’t talk (much!) about things I have learnt years ago – unless it is still really relevant…because it is in the past, it is my history, and I want to be future -thinking, future-moving.  So I am trying to write only about my ‘now’.

So about my ‘now’.  Sometimes God speaks to me in little thoughts….no flashes of lightning and no writing in the sky.  But little thoughts.  I should do this…I should do that…Pray for her…..And normally it is nothing earth-shattering to me.  Normally it makes complete sense to me – and sometimes I don’t even acknowledge it is a God nudging until later on – in hindsight….

Yesterday was our Baking Day.  I love baking with my boys.  So I ‘thought’ to myself while the oven is on I will bake something for my neighbour.  These neighbours are a young couple who live a few houses down for us. I hadn’t seen Kate walking their dog for a few days and wondered how she was doing…knowing she was close to ‘popping’ with their first child.  So, after looking at my cooking supplies and realising I had a banana graveyard in my freezer, I decided on banana bread.  A little while later, The Hurricane and I wandered down to the neighbours, fresh hot banana bread in hand.  As it happens…Kate had ‘popped’ last week…I got to see a precious little newborn baby….and as it happens…banana bread is Kate’s favourite.

Just a little nudging.  But I acted.  And they were blessed.  Who knows what an opening we have now in these people’s lives….food certainly helps break down barriers!

Just a little nudging.  But I made myself available.

Just a little nudging.

What would you have me do today Lord?  And what would He have YOU do today?


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