Secret Wish

…..well not so secret after I click that ‘publish’ button……

I have a secret wish…….you may giggle when I tell you…or you may totally ‘get it’.  One of the tv programmes I watch, that is probably the cat-iest, trash-iest, silly-est programme that I do watch is America’s Next Top Model.  I think it is fascinating seeing the journey these girls take and the progress they make, before a winner is finally announced.

But no, my secret wish is NOT to be on that show. Haha.  That would be delusional!  But one of my favourite parts of the show is when the girls get taken to an expensive salon and get a makeover.  Their hairstyles are sometimes drastically changed.  Some girls are delighted with the thought or it – others are simply petrified.  They are either scared of change or can’t see that what the producers of the show have in mind would work for them.  They think they are more knowledgeable on the matter, than the experts.

The girls in the show have to trust that the producers know what they are talking about.  They have to trust that the experts know what look would be best for them.

That is my secret desire….to one day set myself before an expert and to let them just hack away at my hair – to give me a new look.  To make something work for me, to bring out my best.  I trust that an expert hairdresser is going to know what is best for me, more than I do.

Now I can’t see any complete makeovers for me in the near future, I’ll be sticking to my el cheapo haircuts for a while yet…..but I do have the opportunity to put myself in the hands of a real expert everyday.

My Lord and Saviour knows what will work best for me.  When we come before Him and say ‘have your way’, it can be very scary.  Sometimes we want to stay the way we are.  Sometimes we don’t trust Him enough to know that He does know best.

But the more I let Him mould me and change me into the women He wants me to be, the more I like having ‘God makeovers’.

I can’t place myself in the hands of a hair superstar just now.  I can’t have the physical makeover that would be scary but rewarding.  But I can approach the Lord, every day, with a heart willing to be changed.

Jeremiah 33:3 ‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’



2 thoughts on “Secret Wish

  1. great post fee! i share your secret wish too – though i lean towards the trinny and susanna or goh makeover your wardrobe wish… i am blessed to have my sister who hacks and snips and does some transforming work with my hair…

    but i love how you’ve analogized it – that really the transformation and make over that counts is in our lives and our hearts and that it is our Lord God who does that….

    ps i think you always look amazing!

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