Happy in the Now

I love Autumn.  I love the crisp mornings, the leaves painted every shade of red, brown, orange and yellow imaginable.  Flannelette pyjamas.  Extra layers on the beds.  The warm endings to the days.

Soup, casseroles, slow cooker meals.  Autumn vegetables.  Hot desserts to fill those tummies.


I love it all.

I was very happy to see the arrival of Autumn.  We had two glorious summers in a row – our summer clothes are either falling apart or we’re sick to death of them!

But I love summer too.

I used to live my life by longing for the next big thing.  The next big event or occasion – it didn’t matter if it was family or church related or an occasional catering job, or some kind of girly time out – it was something to look forward to.  Something more to think about, a little carrot dangling ahead of me.

Some people live their lives longing for it to always be a particular season.  Or they live by ‘enduring’ the season they are in, while earnestly looking forward to the next season.

I’m tired of that.  I don’t want to miss out on what opportunities God has for me in my NOW.  I can’t be longing and wishing for the next big thing in my life, because if I’m doing that, I’m not living in the now, not enjoying the now and not giving my ‘now’ my all.

How are you happy in your now?  How do you live in your todays and live them to the max?


One thought on “Happy in the Now

  1. Hello! Well said, we miss so much by looking to the next stage or season and miss this right here moment, I’m learning to be still more often, thanks for sharing.

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