A Giggle Moment

‘The Hurricane’ made me giggle today.  Giggle aloud.  He was heading outside to play when he leaned back in, and earnestly asked ‘what time do you want me home Mom?’.

Well sunshine…..here’s the thing…….1.  You’re three and you’re not allowed past the fire hydrant – so I can see you at all times.  2.  You can’t tell the time yet  3.  Your days of playing outside of my sight are years away….

It was a very funny moment and one that can only come from having an older brother around.  You see ‘The Thinker’, aged seven is allowed to play past the fire hydrant.  He has a certain amount of freedom in that he can play outside past the fire hydrant, as long as he obeys the rules we have for him.  And he does obey them.  Hence the ‘what time do you want me home?’ question uttered by the three year old, as it is something he hears a lot.

For now ‘The Hurricane’ has to be content to be close to me.  He thinks he’s big enough and clever enough to do anything.  There will come a day when I will have to trust him, as I have to trust ‘The Thinker’ that he can play safely and responsibly without me seeing and hearing all.  I have to trust my children, yes, but more importantly I need to trust our Father.  Their heavenly Father. Trust that He will keep them safe.



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