The Rollercoaster

I’m on a rollercoaster ride at the moment.  It’s not something I would actually pay money to do – and there aren’t any giant mice following me around or princesses or spinning teacups.

I’ve done this rollercoaster ride before, so the feelings that come from this ride are not new.

The rollercoaster ride is a means to an end.  The destination is one where  hard work prevails, but the results are endless – without boundaries. Love and joy. Sacrifice and wisdom is needed.

I promised myself that I would not let my emotions rise and fall as the ride goes through the highs and lows.  I promised myself.  Those feelings though…wow…they are strong.  You can’t just turn off your feelings can you?  Or can you?

You can fill your head with scripture…….you can go over the promises of God…….you can read God’s truth……you can let the Holy Spirit’s peace invade every part of you……

Can you turn off your feelings?  Your emotions?  I believe women have emotions for a reason – emotions make us women compassionate  and enable us to show empathy, enable us to relate, to bond and form community.  But aren’t they a pain sometimes??

I am learning it is about balance.  Allowing yourself to feel things, without letting it affect how you interact with others, how you live your day to day life and how you communicate with those around you – especially those who are closest to you.  I guess it is about knowing that ultimately God has ALL things under His control.

With this particular rollercoaster ride I can be sad or happy, joyful or cross, patient or impatient.  Here’s the thing though, I can choose to stay being sad or happy, joyful or cross, patient or impatient, or not.  I can’t just flick a switch and decide not to ‘feel’ anything.  I am not made of steel – I am not like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz for I have a heart!!


How do you control your feelings?


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