The things I could write about…

There are a  few things I could write about today.


I could talk about the fact that we’ve kept The Thinker home from school today because we didn’t want him to be in the Halloween parade.  Halloween has been one of the biggest culture shocks for us to see.  But I’m too chicken to write about it just now.

I could talk about the minefield of a relationship that I have with a relative.  How this week I felt moved to write a note of pure encouragement and love, I went out of my comfort zone – but in doing so had to negotiate my way around how she may have perceived things.  A real minefield – but I was motivated by love.  But I am still working through how I feel about a zero response so far.

I could talk about how I am so blessed by a couple of blossoming friendships here and how my existing friendships still mean so much to me and I don’t see anything wrong with that and I will continue to hold onto them and be a friend in every way I can.  Though distance separates us.

So many things I could talk about.


But you know what?


I am going to leave the computer for a while this morning. I am going to admire newly built train tracks, brush little pearly white teeth, and bake mini pumpkin pies with my munchkins.  And in the doing of what I love to do most – the Mummy thing – then maybe I will see with a bit more clarity what I could write about…..




2 thoughts on “The things I could write about…

  1. My first time by…and what a precious post. I think I’ll go now and watch a movie with my little ones in bed. Time to pull up the covers and cuddle my lil’ darlins!

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