How Lovely!

lovelyblogaward What a surprise yesterday to be awarded with a ‘Lovely Lady Lovely Blog’ Award.  How humbling!  I just do this blog thing to get things off my mind or to find a way of expressing myself when I don’t have ‘skin friends’ handy.  So to think that people are actually reading my stuff and getting something out of it – then wow – thank you God.  My life is not my own.

When the wise and thoughful Holley who writes so beautifully (and I can’t wait to meet her one day) awarded me this award , I was soooooo happy to be able to pass it on to five others, to honor those who inspire ME!

This is a ‘pass it on award’ – to be given to those in blogland who are beautiful and have blogs that encourage, inspire, and uplift us in our daily lives.  The ladies I would like to pass it on to are –

*  Sandy at Reluctant Entertainer.  Sandy combines talking about family and food and fellowship so beautifully.  Plus she is a real ‘skin’ friend too – someone I actually get to see!!

*  Claire at One Passion One Devotion.  Claire is a dear old skin friend, who I have a lot of history with.  Her blog is all about knowing God and making Him known – something I always need to hear more and more about.

*  Sarah at The Best Days of My Life.   Sarah is one brave lady who is an amazing vessel through which God is able to reach and touch others.  I love her heart for women and her honesty.

*  Angela at Becoming Me.  Angela is a writer/Mom who inspires me to want to do everything better!  She is so easy to relate to – and I love and admire her wisdom.

*  Lynnae at being frugal.  Lynnae is another actual skin friend, and her blog brings with it a wealth of knowledge and wisdom – all designed by Lynnae as a way to keep herself accountable for all her financial decisions.  She inspires me by presenting me with the facts about all sorts of things!

Ladies to accept this award and to pass it on, read about the guidelines here.


4 thoughts on “How Lovely!

  1. oooh wow i got an award – a lovely lady award too (me chuckling!)
    thanks babe! right back at ya!
    hope your kiwi birthday and american birthday days went well and you had a blessed time!
    hugs, me x

  2. fiona – thank you so much! you are so sweet to email me too.

    thanks for including your link (and so intrigued you have “two” birthdays) =) the whole fact that here on the west coast of the US we are constantly living in the ‘past” compared to NZ and Australia boggles me.

    thank you again.


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