Living in Two Time Zones

Today is my birthday in my homeland, New Zealand.  Tomorrow it is my birthday here in America.

I am living in two time zones most of the time – but especially today.  My Facebook page is filling up with kind wishes from my Kiwi friends.  Tomorrow the kind ladies from my husband’s work are taking me out for lunch while the Spunky Hunk looks after The Hurricane.

Ask me anytime what the time is in New Zealand and I can tell you exactly what the time is and what my friends could be doing.  As I write this it is nearly 3.30pm on a beautiful Autumn Tuesday afternoon.  In New Zealand it is 12.30pm on a Spring Wednesday afternoon.  As I go through the after school routines of homework, reading and coffee, my friends in New Zealand are thinking about feeding lunch to their three year olds and getting them off to public kindy, or having their lunch breaks at work, or wondering what their afternoons will bring them.

My heart is fully here, fully invested in what my life is like now in Oregon, and what it is to be.  Yet, I am still interested in the day to day routines of my friends, their joys and sorrows and struggles and victories. For me that means living in two time zones.

Some may say I need to move on to fully put roots down here.  And maybe I should.  But I’m not going to.  I don’t want to.  Like I stubborn three year old I will dig in my heels and hold onto those who are dear to me.

Yes as time goes by I believe I will create a rich and rewarding life for me here.  God is blessing me with friendships and kindred spirits who I am learning to let into my heart as they open up to me.  Baby steps.  Vulnerable steps.  Will they like me steps.  Will they understand me steps.

The true test will be if and when we leave here and move back to New Zealand – will I think about America as much?

But you don’t ditch your friends.  You don’t leave what you know is a good and true and noble thing.  You don’t leave your sisters.  You don’t leave the people you most trust with your kids.  I won’t give up my New Zealand friends, not now and not ever.

It is now 12.42 pm on Wednesday afternoon in New Zealand.  My Nana will be settling down with a book in the sunshine after doing her lunch dishes.  My friend Rachel will be cleaning up her kids after giving them lunch and then loading them into the car to go to kindy.  Another friend will be sitting in the relative calm of the staffroom at her school, while the kids are outside playing.

I’m living in two time zones and that’s ok.



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