Target Practice

Last night my husband showed me a great little video clip.  The video clip featured one of the members of the ministry group that the Spunky Hunk is part of, reading out a prophesy by Smith Wigglesworth over a live radio broadcast.  Heard of Smith Wigglesworth?  He was a uber amazing prophet/ healer/ evangelist, ‘the Apostle of faith’, one of the pioneers of the Pentecostal revival that occurred a century ago.  This prophesy was really cool to hear and particularly relevant for the people who were hearing it live.

In turn it was encouraging for me and the Spunky Hunk.  We like hearing about BIG GOD DREAMS.  We like hearing about WORKS of GOD that have happened, and are going to happen.  We like being around people who have BIG FAITH and EXPECT God to move, and to move powerfully.

Why?  When we’re around these people our faith grows.  Our God dreams become revived again.  We start believing for the impossible.  We become the Jesus Freaks we used to be, and we’re happy that we’re not the only ones.

We want to always position ourselves around ourselves people who are living ‘it’.  Living their dreams, walking by faith…..whose lives are a living, breathing opportunity for God to act.

Sometimes we target specific people that we want to spend time with.  People that we want to gleam from. People that will lift us up and build us up.  And in turn, in some way we can do the same for them.  It is kind of target practice.

I’ve called this post ‘target practice’ – because it does take practice.  Not every relationship with another Christian  you ‘target’ will necessarily turn out to really lift your faith like you initially hope it will, and that’s ok too – but it is worth pursuing, until you ‘get’ those people in your life.

My friend Mrs W is a lady who I actively sought out to befriend. I value and love her walk with the Lord, her relationship with her husband, and the fact that she has older kids as well as a child the same age as my Thinker.  She’s ‘been there and done that’ but is also going through so many of the things I face at the same time as me.  A targeted friendship.  When we’ve been together it doesn’t take much for talk to turn to God talk, to encourage each other and to challenge each other.

Look at the first chapter of Luke to read what happened when Mary, Mother of Jesus was first visited by an angel and had the big bombshell of an announcement dropped on her.  What did she do?  A few days after her angel visitation she visited the only person in the whole world who may have had any kind of empathy and understanding for what she was going through, her Aunt.  Her Aunt Elizabeth was in the middle of her own wondrous miraculous act and recognized as soon as she saw Mary that Mary was indeed blessed, and that this was indeed a GOOD thing, in fact a ‘wonderful blessing’ that was happening to her.

God provided Mary with an amazing friend at this crazy time for her.  A helper, whose faith was deep. It was a targeted friendship.

The Spunky Hunk and I are going to actively target more people to spend time with, people who are going to encourage and uplift.  People not afraid to put their hands up and loudly declare – ‘PICK ME LORD.  USE ME LORD’.



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