A teachable moment

We had visitors for dinner last night – the kind of visitors that you have around once your kids are in bed and fast asleep so you can enjoy adult conversation and not have your visitors endure ‘eat your vegetables 101’.

So I made some fancy pants flavoured butter to go with the loaf of homemade bread as a starter.  Very Martha Stewart indeed.  The flavoured butter just had some whole grain dijon mustard and lemon zest in it.  The Thinker was very taken with the look of this butter and was itching to try it when I was preparing it.  I said ‘no you may not dig a knife into that smooth surface just yet, but there will be leftovers and you may have some in the morning’.  So, this morning he grabs some crackers and tries the fancy pants butter.  It meets with the food critic’s approval.  In fact he loves it.

He asks what is in the butter so I tell him.  Then  – lightbulb moment for me –  I see a teachable moment.  Mustard seed……..and I remember that verse in the bible……

“If your faith were only the size of a mustard seed”, Jesus answered, “it would be large enough to uproot that mulberry tree over there and send it hurtling into the sea!  Your command would bring immediate results”

Luke 17: 6

I love that.  A small amount of genuine faith in God will take root and grow.  God can do so much with only a little.  What a great concept for my seven year old to take hold of and really understand.  There is no problem that he faces now or faces in the future that is too big for God.  It is all about having the right kind of faith – an alive and growing faith.

Maybe I should make fancy pants butter more often, and get myself  some more teachable moments….so good for me to remember these things as well as it is for The Thinker.



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