Comfort from the Storm

Sometime in the night, last night, The Hurricane pattered into our room, declared that he had ‘had a bad dream’ and then he promptly plunked himself into our bed, nestled into me and fell fast asleep.

I snuggled closer into him and breathed his nearly four year old smells.  Fruity shampoo, washing powder on cozy pajamas and that unmistakable smell of a little bit of leakage in the undies department.

You don’t really mind the invasion of the bed, when you know you’re giving comfort and protection.  You’re chasing the badies away from the little minds.  You don’t mind being roused from a deep sleep when you know that all you ever want your child to feel is safe, secure and loved.

I treasure the snuggle moments I have with my boys as I know that all too soon they will be off on their independent ways, and a hug from Mum will be far from their minds.  I’m glad that I can, at the moment, make their world better.

Just as  The Hurricane came to see me, to put right his world, so I can go to God, when my world is out of kilter.  I know I go to God a lot faster and a lot more often when things are wrong in my life and I need to put things right.  Not all the time, but sometimes, this is the case.  But I am learning more and more that this isn’t the way it should be.  I should approach the Throne of Grace with regularity and consistency, regardless of what my circumstances are.

That’s when growth will happen and that’s where I can mature more and more in my walk.

Thank you also for all your love and congratulations and prayers for me too and my pregnancy.  every day I’m feeling stronger and spewing less!


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