A house of music

If you ever called me on the phone, or skyped me on the computer, you would have to wait a minute or two for me to first lower the volume on my music before I could answer your call.  That is assuming The Hurricane was liking my music choice and had left it on for my enjoyment…he has a habit of shutting things down….

I love music.  I love hearing worship and praise.  I am determined to make my house a home where His name is lifted high, and in doing so, my soul is lifted up.  I’ve said it before on my blog….there is something about taking our focus off ourselves and putting it on Jesus – all He is and all He had done….

I’m not into denominational differences at all – I wish that all of Christ’s followers would just get along and not focus on doctrinal differences….but I do have to say I think I have the best of two worlds in my Christian background…I’m on precarious ground here I know but I have to say I am glad that I know the solid teaching and fundamentals that more traditional churches tend to focus on but I also know the freedom and presence of the Holy Spirit from more non-traditional churches.  Yes..I really mean……Pentecostal……Is that controversial enough for you?  Where is this leading? Well…at the moment I go to a more traditional church…..and yes it happens to tick all the right boxes for my children and their stage of life at the moment, but there are times when my pentecostal (that word again!!) inner self wants the music to be turned up louder, the words to be a bit bolder and yes, the drums and guitar to take over!

So what to do I to feed this pentecostal inner self?  I find ways at home to praise Him.  The internet has wonderful ways of bringing free music right to your home…..www.pandora.com is a site where you can make your own radio station mix of similar artists or similar songs…..You Tube has hundreds of Christian artists in there and my latest find is www.cbn.com/radio.  CBN radio has a selection of online radio stations….praise, gospel,kids superbook and at Christmas time there was a Christmas station.  Nice.

So next time you call me and it takes a while to get to the phone…never fear….I’m likely to be  home….just busy feeding my pentecostal inner self….

This song really speaks to me at the moment….love it….


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