I must decrease

I have a screwed up, messed up sense of self, sense of identity.  You can blame that on my coming from New Zealand.  Have you ever heard of ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’?  It is a term used to describe a phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are criticized or resented because of their talents and achievements.  Unfortunately Tall Poppy Syndrome is found a lot in New Zealand.  It is a nation where one does not really want to look better than others – even if it is just and well deserved…..it is probably my biggest criticism of my home nation….I wonder how it will change…..

Anyway because of growing up in an environment when one is judged for doing well, it makes one very reluctant to speak well of oneself and to ‘blow my own trumpet’.  It doesn’t come naturally to say that I’m good at this, can do this or that well and am an expert on this…..

So to go from New Zealand with its Tall Poppy Syndrome, to America – the land of the confident and the seemingly self assured…..has been interesting….

I find it strange to read in blogland of people’s achievements and to read how people can list time and time again of what they have done….sometimes without a lot of recognition to the Lord who gave them these talents…..but then again…am I just being super sensitive?  I’m not sure.  And I think my antennae will continue to go up as I read of people ‘blowing their own trumpets’ until I have this sorted out in my own mind….

But I do know this.  The internet can be used as such a powerful tool for pointing people towards Jesus.  Towards what He has done for us and is capable of doing.  I desire my facebook statuses to not always be about me and my life – but point towards HIM.  Point towards the Almighty.  Give my non-Christian friends something to think about for the day. If I twittered I would want my tweets to be about Him.  Not just about me, me, me.

I also do know this.  ‘I must decrease so that He may increase’.  John 3:30.  The less of me taking up room – the more that the Holy Spirit is able to work in and through me.  The less of my wants and desires, the more I can be on the lookout for others – looking with Jesus eyes, listening with Jesus ears.

Yes we gotta get rid of Tall Poppy Syndrome in New Zealand and yes credit must be given when credit is due – to anyone…but I wish blogs and social networking sites used by Christians could just be more effective in loving people, in reaching out to people…and not focusing on me me me……

Just a bit of honesty from me today.


5 thoughts on “I must decrease

  1. I love your honesty here. So much emphasis is placed on personal accomplishment anymore, it’s true. And not just on accomplishment, but on ourselves: me, me, me. I’m guilty. That’s why that verse in John is one of my favorites–because I have to remember it daily.

  2. I totally agree with you. I would do well in New Zealand, because my gift is serving. I find that I am a shy person really who likes to help people and do things for people, but I do not want to be recognized for it. I enjoy feeling good about what I do just by myself. It makes me happy. To be recognized for it is another thing. For once, I can admit I am not a me, me, me person. There, I said it. I love your blog. Just wanted you to know.

  3. it’s not about us ever, it’s all about HIM, the great “I AM”. remember this folk’s, “In God”s way of doing things, people are never a means to an end: they are the end. Inefficient and inconvenient? Frequently! Unimportant and unnecessary? Never! People are at the heart of God”s HEART! God doesn’t have LOVE, God is LOVE!

  4. I agree with you a 100%… its hard to find a blog that points to Jesus. And ashamed to admit that mine is no better. Thank you for bringing the truth to me, and opening my eyes in why I started to blog in the first place, which is to be creative, to be inspirational, and to show others Gods light and love.
    God bless you, and your baking looks delishes. 🙂

  5. “When we preach Christ crucified, we have no reason to stammer, or stutter, or hesitate, or apologize; there is nothing in the gospel of which we have any cause to be ashamed.”C.S.
    May all the glory go to our great God and King!

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