Beneath the surface

The conversation went like this:  ‘So what colours are you having for your baby? What theme’.  My reply went something like this……’Ummmmmmm.  My little man isn’t having any theme….he’s getting a mishmash of borrowed things/ donated things and a few new things’.

What on earth am I talking about?  Well here in America they have a wonderful yet somewhat humbling (when you are the recipient) tradition of hosting baby showers for you.  Not just for your first baby.  For every baby.  Yep.  They love their parties here……and along with the baby shower……most people choose special colours and or themes to go along with the stuff they would like for their babies.  For example I could have chosen green colours with zoo animals as my theme – and build my nursery around those pointers.

Well this little man ain’t getting a nursery.  He’s going to be sharing with a brother as soon as he is sleeping through the night.  Their room is an assortment of colours and storage solutions….but it works!  BUT the temptation is there to want for more for him.  The magazines come in the mail full of matching furniture and co-ordinated bedding…..the stores present co-ordinated clothing options…….the whole matching stroller/carseat/ portacrib combos.  It is never-ending.

But as tempting as it is.  As much as it appeals to my love for things to be ‘just so’.  I know it is not important.  I know that it is only surface looks.  Having a co-ordinated look is not going to make my child healthier, or happier, or less likely to spit up, or a better teether, or a faster feeder, or a slower feeder.   My child will not be dependent on THINGS to satisfy his needs.

So much of what really matters in life, lies beneath the surface.  Beneath the facades we present to people.

No I don’t have set colours for my baby.  And that’s perfectly ok.  What is more important to me is what is going on beneath my surface?  How am I growing as a Christian?  Being a better wife and mother?  A better friend?  More on this to come……it is my ‘thing’ at the moment.


6 thoughts on “Beneath the surface

  1. I am so glad to see you writing again. I thought you had given up on us Americans after the Easter celebrations.

    I have three children (all grown now, two have children of their own) and I never had a theme for their rooms. When our first child was born, we had a one bedroom apartment, so she shared with us until she was almost one year. The next two came along and we had more room, but still not a lot of money to spend of “theme” rooms. They all grew up to be happy, well-adjusted adults. They did not always have as much stuff of some of their friends, but they were very loved and given plenty of attention. They all graduated from college and have nice careers. “Stuff” is definitely not all it’s advertised to be.

    Keep writing. I love reading your thoughts.

  2. Nice to see you writing again Fi . . . and like I remind myself (often!) is that you can’t take stuff with you when you go to Heaven . . . so it’s more important to focus on the things that you can take/leave behind 🙂 good on ya Fi 🙂

  3. this is a tough one for me, seeing my friends and peers getting things and themes and extras for their little ones. my two both wear secondhand clothing and play with just a few secondhand toys we’ve been able to afford. I wish I could give them more sometimes. even in the love department. learning that now. I so appreciate this post.

  4. as always you’re real and relevant…
    and i know your kids always look adorable
    and i bet they’re warm at the right time
    and cool at the right time
    and they have the freedom to be messy and adventureous when they want!

    love you girl!

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