Sigh.  I have space again.  Smile.  It is nice.  Space to think.  Space to pray.  Space to be me.

I had my parents and brother stay with me for some time just recently.  In all I think my parents were with us for three weeks.  It was lovely to see them.  We had a special time – they got to see our everyday lives here and also some special out of the ordinary times.  But to be perfectly honest…….when it was time for them to go – it was time for them to go.

Now I have a new appreciation for my own space.

Space where I can breathe in me God stuff.  Not that I can’t do that around visitors…..but I dunno…..seems that much harder when things aren’t quite ‘normal’ at home.  Anyone else struggle with keeping of your daily quiet time routine etc when you have visitors?

Anyway – now I have space and time on my hands I can concentrate on other things.  Like getting to know some people better – building new and stronger friendships.  Being there for friends back home who are going through some really hard times.  Getting myself ready for the arrival of our number three precious bundle in approx nine weeks.  Space.

I don’t take my MY space for granted.  Thankfully I have a husband who very readily gives me the car keys and orders me out for some me time when I need it.  He is a very generous man with his time and attention that he gives our children.  But not everyone is as blessed as me.  I think I should make it a priority that just as much as I love and appreciate the time and space I get for me, I should also make sure my friends get enough time for themselves as well…yeah……that’s a new challenge for me….starting from now.

Space for me and space for my friends.

No-one deserves to feel like they are a ship adrift…..we all need some space and time to reconnect, refresh and regroup.

I’ll let you know how I get on…….


2 thoughts on “S P A C E

  1. I def. know when I need me time. It’s refreshing for sure.

    Many days I just sit in the quiet and work, too. Do you like quiet or back ground noise?

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