A little perspective

So.  This kinda follows on from my last post where I am talking about ‘things’.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been investigating in earnest about getting ‘The Hurricane’ help with his speech.  Its been something that’s been concerning us for a while now and something that has been at the top of our prayer list.  The thing is – as much as it has been breaking my Mother heart to have him not being understood by people, as much as I hate that he actually has an above average vocabulary but people can’t appreciate it, I haven’t been able to action upon any of my concerns, due to limited funds.  The difference now –  a family member has offered us an interest free loan to help us out a bit with our insurance deductable.  So now, I can see a way.  Where there wasn’t a way before – there is now.  Thanks God.

I was thinking how hard it is to see a need but to be unable to fulfill the need.  I was thinking how hard this is on your emotions, on your confidence and on your general outlook.  It hasn’t been for lack of want on my part, or lack of seeing the problem for it to take this long to do something about it.  This Momma certainly doesn’t wear rose tinted glasses.

Just when I was praising God that we’re actually able to help out my son now – and it is through the help of  my family member who is furthest away from God at the moment too (God works in mysterious ways!) the thought popped into my head…..how blessed are we that this is a problem that has been at the top of my list of issues.  How blessed are we.

And I truly mean this with all sincerity.

How blessed are we that we have such a ‘western world’ problem.  My biggest problem is not where am I going to sleep tonight?  Do I have enough food to feed my children?  Do I have clean water?  Is the roof over my head secure enough?  Will I have my children carted off to join some rebel army – or some sex trade?  No.  These are not my problems – but by the grace of God go I.

Here in the western world we are plagued by a completely different set of problems – which if we look at them in the right perspective – are not problems at all.  Minor setbacks really.  A little perspective I think is what is needed more.

When we face our little and our bigger ‘setbacks’ let’s remember Matthew 6: 34. ‘So don’t be anxious about tomorrow.  God will take care of your tomorrow too.  Live one day at a time’.

Please note – I am telling this to myself as much as anyone else!!  There have been events in my life in the last couple of weeks that have had me thinking…….agghhhhhh…what next Lord?  But this I know – that I know that I know that I know – there are no surprises for God.  I must choose to not be anxious about tomorrow.  And I must rejoice that some of my problems are blessed western world problems.

A little perspective makes the world of difference sometimes.