Well I popped!

Meet Asher Jacob Brown.  He is the quietest, most relaxed, most delicious baby in the world.  But then I would say that wouldn’t I?  It is true though.

His arrival was somewhat ‘different’.  For the full story head over to my family blog and read about it……bet you’ve never heard of a baby ripping his own amniotic sac before have you?  Neither had I.  Emphasis on the ‘had’.  Read it here –

We’re all doing very well.  Not too sleep deprived.  The big boys are loving their little brother.  The husband is the most supportive and hard working man I know.  And me.  I’m in love.  And feel loved.  And am knowing God’s richest blessings in this brand new little bundle.


2 thoughts on “Love

  1. he is so the cutest bundle. almost almost almost gets me clucking. almost.
    glad things are going so well – he is such a wee miracle for you all and i am rejoicing in your joy!

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