Making More

‘What we are is God’s gift to us.  What we become is our gift to God’

– Eleanor Powell

Behind my house is a whole bunch of apartments.  ‘Nothing wrong with them’ apartments.  The grounds are kept well maintained and they are reasonably quiet and they are not an eyesore or anything.  Just a whole bunch of apartments.  Each of the ground floor apartments has a little area of garden.  Some of these gardens have stayed uniform with the rest of the apartments……wood chips and shrubs.  Some of the gardens have barbeques stored in them.  Some of them have toys there.  Some of these gardens look better than others for sure, but I’ll have you know I’m no snob.  They are just apartments.

One garden that I walk past has been utilized though and has a whole bunch of produce growing there and flowers in bloom. The tenant of that apartment has sourced some bricks and rocks from somewhere and built tiny little walls to separate the little growing areas.  The tenant has put some time and effort into her little area.  And it is little.  But it looks good.  What she had available to her was the same as all the other tenants.  She started with a blank slate.  She has used it and created something better.  Something that bears fruit, quite literally.

She has made something more.

I want to be like that in all areas of my life.  I want to make more.   With what God has given me to work with – I want to grow it and become a gift worthy for a King.  Yeah?   In the midst of mothering  – of feeding and cleaning, of driving and initiating friendships…..I want to make more.


5 thoughts on “Making More

  1. Well, you spoke to me right now. I have been a lazy person this week,…..okay, for several weeks. I have injured my knee and keep waiting for it to get well, and it hasn’t gotten well, so I have given in to my knee pain and been lazy. I have not made the best use of what I have been given and I need to get busy. First, I need to get to the doctor and face the consequences of this knee pain—lose weight, have knee surgery, etc. Then I need to get my house in order because I have two new grandbabies coming soon–one in October and one in December, so I will have more excuses to not do what I need to do. Thanks for the little prod today.

  2. So true – just like the story of the talents, it isn’t about how much we have been given, it is about what we do with the big or small we have….
    Though the parable of the talents was about money, I think it pertains quite literally to our ‘talents’ – the gifts and abilities bestowed on us from birth and through the opportunities in our lives. I am often haunted by the verse …’to whom much is given, much is expected’… when I think about how fat we are spiritually and physically in the West!

    I was inspired the other day that to see God in our daily lives, it is not about looking at the macro vision, but to see Him in the tiny things within every minute of every day…
    In a way I think this is true worship – from feeding a child to noticing the flowers in the garden. I think children instill this simplicity in us as well, reflecting the purity of God’s heart where He never tires of the ‘simple’ as we do, for He is without sin and so is not hardened by the repetition of life and its cycles (eg. still loves daisies umpteen years since He created the first one!).

    So I guess, rather than looking to the mountains, the heart of God is in the collection of sparrows on our front lawn – in the same way that the talents we have been given are being used in the mundane (or not so?!) aspects of our daily lives rather than the major mission fields we dream of….

    Elizabeth (still pregnant at 41 weeks!!!)

  3. Hi Fiona,
    I stumbled across your blog looking for the Maori proverb “..he tangata, he tangata..” What a wonderful blog you write. I am from NZ and am part of MOPS NZ which has just taken on a website which we hope to use to encourage kiwi mums – here in NZ and anywhere else in the world. We would love for you to join us and blog on our site.


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