We are marked

Out of all the household jobs I do, I like ironing the least.  Ironing is evil.  I don’t mind cleaning the bathroom, doing dishes, dusting or even cleaning the little boys’ room (the toilet!).  I would even go as far to say I love washing the clothes – and hanging them out to dry, folding them and putting them away.  The Spunky Hunk is not allowed to do that job.  Maybe I’m just plain weird – but I get a sense of achievement with taking some dirty clothes and making them clean and presentable.  But ironing.  Nah. That’s evil.

So on Friday I actually spent time in the morning ironing a dress that I wanted to wear.  Big task for me you now understand.  When I went to put my dress on, I accidentally got deodorant marks on it.  White marks on a brown dress.  Not good, not good.  Trouble was I was pushed for time and didn’t want to change, so I tried to wash the marks off – never works – and kept my long hair down trying to cover up the marks.  All day long I was aware of the marks….where I went in my day…I was a marked woman.  That’s what ironing will do for you.

I don’t know how noticeable it was to other people – but I was aware of it.  A little embarrassed – but not overly concerned about it, not enough to get changed anyway, when I had time later on in the day.

Now I’ve been thinking about how can I as a Christian be ‘Jesus with skin on’? How can I spend my days, doing normal Mummy things, and actually appear to be different to the people around me?  But not freak them out with weirdness. Because you know what – I am different.  I am ‘marked’ by the touch of Christ.  I am ‘marked’ by the Holy Spirit who dwells in me.  As my dress was marked the other day, and I was visible to everyone as the woman who was too pushed for time and too lazy to wear anything other than the marked dress, so I am marked.  But how would you know this?

To give a simple, practical example – How can I be Christlike to the other parents around me at my son’s school?

I would hope that I speak to my family nicely – peppering my words with kindness and love.  Now I’m the first to admit that this doesn’t always happen – but I am working on it.

I try to take an interest in others – to initiate conversation with others and be more interested in what they have to say, than what I have to say.

I stay away from gossip.

I honour and value my husband – and will not criticize him, and not engage in idle chatter that brings him down.

These are just a few of the ways that I can show I am marked by the One who gives me hope.  The one who asks us to be in this world but not of it.  I am not perfect – I miss opportunities to share God’s love all the time, but these are a few of the initiatives I am aware of trying to do on a regular basis, to share my marks.

And as for the marked dress – it has been washed and is in the ironing pile……waiting…….


One thought on “We are marked

  1. I do very little ironing and I don’t enjoy it when I do iron. We are certainly not of this world and this world is not our home. That’s comforting to me on many days. When I see how the world treats people, I realize the road I am choosing is indeed narrow. I was putting gas in my car the other day and this young man gets out next to me and starts cursing because he sees a mark on his car. Then he looks at me, puts his hand over his mouth and says, “Sorry, ma’m.” Did I look like someone who didn’t curse? I hope so. I try to be kind when I am out in the world….I talk to sackers at the grocery store, cashiers who seems to need a kind word, I try to be a courteous driver, but this being “good” is not good enough. I must live my life as Christ wants me to live. I must pray, study the Bible, be an example of Him. I fall short many times, but every day, I begin again.

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