Who’s the boss?

The Hurricane, aged four, has always been a little on the chunky side.  Not chubby – not obese – but chunky. Mostly muscle his doc says.  Trouble is The Hurricane also has a liking for cookies.  And I love to bake.

So add that all together – a Mum who bakes often for fun and to fill the menfolk’s tummies plus a child who loves to eat what the Mum has baked, who is already on the chunky side, and what do you have?  A situation where the Mum has to make a change – put her hand up and say ‘woah’.  Something has gotta change.

Who’s the boss?

In this particular situation – me.

In an attempt to get The Hurricane to eat a bit healthier – nothing over the top – he’s not on a diet or anything (I’m not that radical and he doesn’t need that ) – I have stopped baking.  Yep.  Gone cold turkey.  Although if we  were to have visitors I would whip out the flour and butter lickity spit.

For me, it was easier to say let’s not have that stuff in the house at all – rather than ration and hide and bribe and coerce.  Call me weak.  I don’t care – for this particular battle it was easier for me to say ‘out of sight, out of mind’.  And so far, so good.  I’m being the boss.

I’m in charge of my decisions and direction.  I come under the Big Boss’s guidance for sure – for everything – God is my ‘driver’, and yes I do believe in coming under the leadership and mantle of the Spunky Hunk.  I am a submissive wife – hallelujah – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  But there are a lot of day to day decisions that are mine to make – in conjunction with the Big Boss and the Spunky Hunk.

With this blog, I’m in charge of its direction.  Thank goodness I never feel like I ‘have’ to write, I don’t ‘have’ to follow any particular posting schedule.  Fellow bloggers that may be reading this today….who is in charge of your writing?  Are you writing because you have something on your mind that you’re gonna burst if you don’t share it?  Are you posting blog entries because you want to entertain or teach?  Or have you been slowly sucked into the ‘gotta build readership up’ strain of blogs?  Are you writing because that is what is expected of you?  Are you linking to others out of pure self-promotion?   Harsh words I know but only you know what is your real and pure motivation.  Maybe just maybe, while you attempt to fulfil the demands placed on you it is sucking the joys out of writing for the sake of writing…….or…writing ‘cos that’s what the Big Boss wants you to do.

I had to stop my baking habit.  For the sake of my kid’s habits.  I had to be the boss.

Who is the boss of you?


One thought on “Who’s the boss?

  1. I really enjoy your posts! I am from Howick by the way (thanks for your sweet email). Hardly anyone knows my Blog address, I write when I feel I ought, or when inspired, not to please anyone else, keep up with trends etc – it’s very free-ing, so I was nodding yup and yup at your post.

    Also to being the submissive wife. I just love my husband and I totally respect and honour his leadership, I’m not a weak wifey at all – it is just right and wonderful and works.

    Weather is not flash here in NZ, we had a glorious week last week and now it’s hit a cold snap again. Chilly.

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