I never did a part two….

…..to my last post…….

I’ve been a real slacker…….

I’ve been lurking online and reading a few other people’s blogs…but not many….

Life has been tiring.  Life has been busy.  I’ve been trying to establish a few new routines and make my New Year’s resolutions happen – I normally don’t do them at all – but this year was different.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe the need to actually do something for me.

The resolutions are – in an effort to put myself out there and be somewhat accountable –

*  to make vegetables more exciting for my family to eat!  And thus eat more…and be more willing to do so…

*  to establish a more consistent bible reading and quiet time habit – ‘cos since I had Asher this has gone out the window – not that it was even too consistent to start with.  It is not that I didn’t do it – I did – it just wasn’t with any consistency and most other areas in my life are all about routine and timetables and….consistency.

But I have missed blogging.  I have missed gathering my thoughts and actually having evidence of thinking of more than baby food and homework, housework and games of ‘Sorry’.


I’m back.

And hopefully as I go further along my God path and continue to not settle for less…..it will mean something to you as I blog my way along the wonderful world-wide web…..


4 thoughts on “I never did a part two….

    • You know – with my boys maybe that is exactly what I need to be doing!! The eight year old is pretty good – but the five year old – shocking!

  1. i hear ya… kids eh… evangeline is pretty good. they like raw veges – raw carrot and capiscum and cucumber (and evangeline lettuce) and both like mixed veges and broc… but caleb wont eat potatoes… strange eh.

  2. yay!!!! your back! I’ve MISSED your blogs!

    Kids & vege’s eh! ugh, it’s an ongoing battle. Carmel eats anything RAW (not cooked!), Michael & Joel very average 😦 Oh well, doesn’t help that there Daddy doesn’t like vege’s 😉

    And yes . . . God time . . . not any easy thing to schedule with kids, I’m going to put a bible in the car and see how many “moments” I can get while waiting for kids etc . . . gotta try something new 🙂

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