The Superbowl made me do it

So I’m back in blogland, and I’m back on twitter.  I had tried out twitter before but had been really disillusioned by it as I found a lot of I, I, I there and too much me, me, me.  Not enough of Him, Him.Him for my liking.  I’m not into self-promotion in any way so twitter really made me cross in a lot of ways……but I’m giving it another go.


Because the Superbowl made me do it.

Well not actually the football or anything related to the game – but an ad during the big game.  It was an ad for a new car, a Chevy, from which you can record your voice and thus post a new facebook status or tweet instantaneously while you’re driving.  Crazy huh.  This technology is all around us and is not slowing down in any way, shape or form.  In fact it is getting cleverer, faster, smaller, sneakier.  And whether we like it or not – it is happening – and I figure – you gotta be in to win.


God is giving us these tools of technology – so by hokey – let’s use ’em.  Not for self, but to lead others to Him.  Well that’s my prayer anyway.


So, I’m back on twitter as mrsbrownkiwi and these are my rules – I’ll only follow people who are using twitter as a ‘God tool’ and I won’t link or promote my blog to any of my tweets. Or have it in my profile.  I know a lot of people do and don’t have any problems with it – but for me it just can be in the very grey area of ‘look at me and look at what I have been up to’ which I just can’t handle.  So those are my rules, for me, and none other.


I’ve always believed that if I am to be a vessel for God to use with my writing, then He will bring people along to the right blog entry, at the right time.  And to be that vessel, I need less of me and more of Him.




One thought on “The Superbowl made me do it

  1. Hi Fiona!!! I love your blog!! Thank you for sharing it with me! I also love how you processed this new age of updates, facebook and tweets! Life moves so quickly already and with technology, I can hardly keep up! I appreciate your thoughts on putting HIM first. It is huge. I agree completely. Thank you for refreshing my thoughts through your blog! Love you dearly. Love your heart that loves our Lord so much!!! 🙂 ~Treva

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