Use Your Noodle

Scientists say we only use a certain amount of our brains.  They say that the brain is capable of so much more, and we under-utilize it.  I know I go through lots of days without learning anything new, without having to remember much and without actually having to think too hard about most stuff. But there are times when I know that I need to arm myself with some new knowledge, I need to research something and figure something out and come to my own conclusion.

Recently a family member asked us to pray for another family member who was facing a medical issue.  Yes.  Of course we will pray and we did pray.  But I also got onto the old google machine.  You see as much as I know there is power in prayer, I also know that God gives us a brain to use – a brain to find out what the real issues are, to not ponder on the worst case ill-informed scenario,  and in this particular circumstance what the potential future issues were  -so then we could target our prayer even better.  And knowledge takes away so much unnecessary worry and concern.

So, armed with my knowledge that I gained from reliable sources – note the word reliable,  I knew that what this family member was facing.  I was knowledgeable about various potential outcomes.  More so than the family member that was quietly freaking out.

Use your noodle.  God gave us brains.  Let’s use them.  Knowledge is power.  Why spend time worrying, when knowledge of an issue can take that worry away, and give accurate focus for prayer.


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