Two hands at the ready.

We were coming out of the supermarket this morning and suddenly met with a downfall of rain.  A summer storm had blown quickly in.  It wasn’t cold, but the splotches of rain were big and coming down fast, and were……wet.  As we raced to the car we could hear thunder in the distance.

My older two children laughed with glee at the fact we had been caught out by the rain.  They exclaimed how dark it was and ‘would we be ok driving in the thunder Mum?’.

My little one,  (13 months old), was sitting in the shopping cart/trolley/thingymajingy as we raced to our shelter.  He responded in a different way.  You see we don’t get a lot of rain here in summertime.  Our summers are hot and dry.  Spring, now that was a different story – but summer…..dry dry dry.  So it must be months and months since Asher has seen or experienced rain.  And for a 13 month old that is a long time.

Asher responded to the rain in two ways – first he ducked his head in an effort to avoid it.  He was sitting there, but trying to dodge his body away from the giant drops landing all around him.  Secondly he put a hand out to try to touch the rain, to experience this phenomenon.  He was trying to avoid the rain, yet he wanted to embrace the rain. To experience the rain.

I was thinking about this later on in the day and the thought occurred to me that I do this with God gifts sometimes. I want to like them, to embrace them, but I’m not fully sure of what this means for me. I take Luke 12: 48 seriously – ….much is required from those to whom much is given, for their responsibility is greater’ I’m fascinated and in awe and fully trust, but how do I truly live them (God’s gifts) out?  Have I dodged fully embracing them in the past because I was unsure of what to do with the responsibility?  Probably.

I do know this – You can’t go through life with your head bowed trying to dodge things, but still have one hand out, ready to receive……..because if you do, you know you’re missing out on so much more.  I like full portions.

If you’ve ever been to Asia you will have seen beggars lining the streets, especially the hot tourist spots.  Some beggars sit, some stand, some come to you, others can’t come to you because of physical impediments.  But most beggars when they see people who look like they are going to give to them, will have both hands (if they have two hands) at the ready to receive whatever is coming their way.  They know that two hands are likely to catch more than one.

In that very English game of cricket, the team in the field whose job it is to catch the hard little white ball, prepare to catch the ball by having two hands together, in a receiving position.  Two hands.

Instead of being afraid of the good gifts that God has in store for us, and instead of dodging the responsibility, and only having one hand out to taste His goodness, I want to be a two handed girl.  Yes?  Two hands at the ready.

Give me more love Lord, so I can pour it out on others.

Give me more words of encouragement Lord, so I can inspire others.

Give me wise words Lord, to enable me to give great counsel.

Give me healing hands Lord, so that YOU may be glorified.

Give me miracle power Lord.  Yes signs and wonders to testify your greatness.

With my two hands at the ready, I’m here to embrace all your goodness Lord. Come rain, hail, thunder or sunshine.


One thought on “Two hands at the ready.

  1. Yes! Too often I purposely clench my hands tight–sob sigh… loved thinking of you all being splashed in the lovely summer rain! We didn’t have a drop here in Mdf… harumph!

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