From the files of a skinny girl

I must confess.  I have a new addiction.  Its name is  This website works as an online pinboard where you can create your own groups of things that catch your eye – you ‘pin’ something to a board so that you can easily find it again when you want it.  The ‘pin’ is a picture that is also a link to the website you need.  I have boards for such things as recipes I want to cook, fun things for kids to do, things for my house if I ever own my own house etc.

While I was feeding this new addiction the other day,  I came across this pin –

This quote – according to the rumour mill – is attributed to the model Kate Moss.  I don’t know how accurate that is – all I know is I have seen it around before, and it looks like it isn’t going away in a hurry.

To be perfectly honest it makes me feel sick.  I detest it.

As a person who has been ultra skinny, as a grown woman who has been severely underweight, I find it insulting and I think it is a terrible message to be sending to our kids, our nieces and nephews, our sisters and brothers and our cousins.  Male and Female.

Before I was diagnosed with celiac disease I was super skinny.  At my lightest I was 40 kgs/ 88 lbs.  NOT by choice though.  I must have been the only girl around that was on a ‘cream bun a day diet’.  I was eating high fat on Doctor’s orders – problem was – the food that I was eating was not being absorbed due to the undiagnosed celiac disease…hindsight is an amazing thing.

Anyway – this saying ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ doesn’t highlight or include the following points;

*  Skinny hurts.  When you need a belt to keep your jeans up and your hip bones are sticking out – that belt hurts.  When your butt is so boney you can’t sit for long on any kind of surface – before your butt hurts.

*  Skinny is cold.  When you are so lacking in body fat, it doesn’t have to be very cold for you to feel extremely cold.

*  Skinny makes you feel unattractive.  Yes, truly.  I felt most unattractive when I was super skinny.  It affects every part of your life.  Yes EVERY part.  Read between the lines.

*  Skinny makes you embarrassed when you have to shop in kids’ shops for yourself and it is hard to find clothing unadorned with bling and butterflies.

*  Skinny can make for slight medical mishaps.  When I had to have surgery and reacted to the anaesthetic, the anaesthesiologist  came to me to apologise after the operation…’sorry I gave you a little too much…didn’t realise how light  you are’……..not very comforting words…..

*  Skinny can make conception a long and hard road – our Luka is proof of that – he is a miracle in those respects – well in every respect – but that particularly.

Skinny is just plain not fun.

So please dear ladies – this message is not ok.  It is not something I want my nieces to hear, or my friends daughters or even my sons.  We need to not be encouraging this message in any way, shape or form and I have a simple way for you all to start with this. Don’t talk about your weight in front of young ears – or even older ears.  Just don’t.  Don’t mention how so and so has put on a bit of weight lately.  Don’t mention how your pants are a little tighter this month.  Don’t bring it up.  At all.  There is simply no need.

There is no right response if you do.  Whatever a person says in response to this is going to be wrong… don’t mention a thing that is weight related.  If you have to discuss your weight do it with your girly friends – at the same stage of life as you – but not your kids.

I have had both my Mother and Mother in law mention weight stuff to me – regarding me and regarding themselves.  It has made me want to stick my fingers in my ears and lalalalalala……Not because I am sensitive to it – but because EVERYONE is sensitive to it and any comments can be taken to imply something other than what the speaker was implying….When I was at my skinniest do you think I wanted to be reminded of it?  Seeing as I didn’t like the  ‘me’ as that person?  No, I didn’t.  And when I thankfully did put on weight do you think I wanted a reminder of that or comments on how I looked better?  No, I didn’t, because that was only reinforcing how awful I felt as a super skinny girl.

So ladies – just don’t mention weight.  A person struggling with weight issues is already perfectly aware of the situation.  They don’t need reminding.  Unless of course you suspect someone of suffering from Anorexia Nervosa – that needs intervention and attention of course.   Use your noodle – I’m not saying ignore any signs of that.

Can I encourage you to read this article for more ideas on how to promote a healthy self-image.

And let’s see if we can see this message,  ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ die in this generation.


3 thoughts on “From the files of a skinny girl

  1. amen amen amen! Preach it sister! I may be clear opposite from you yet understand perfectly. Speaking of perfect–I’m here to tell you that you really do look perfect, from your head to your toes! It is better to be small and to shine than to be great and cast a shadow…

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