From the mundane to the nitty gritty

I’m assigning myself an assignment.  I’m on a mission.  I’m going to find out the how to’s of turning a conversation from talking about the mundane things of life, to the nuts and bolts of it, to the nitty gritty.

All too often I find myself surrounded by women immersed in conversation about potty training, potty mouths and potty cleaning.  Now hear my heart – don’t get me wrong – I love to be with these women.  I need conversation about anything and nothing too – I DO want to know the best places to go where kids eat free, I DO want to know which supermarket has the best specials this week.  Truly I do.  But I also want more, and I know that I’m with real women, with real issues and real triumphs and trials, and I want to hear them.  I want the women around me to be able to hear each other out, to know what is on each others hearts, to be able to help by listening and being a necessary shoulder.  And I don’t see this happening as often as it could and should be happening.

There has to be ways of infiltrating conversations to turn to God things, to real issues and to be more meaningful.  So I’m on a mission to research and find out, and to put into practice these ‘methods’……

Do you have any tips?

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