A ramble, a rave, a relentlessness…..

I have myself an answer to my question from my previous post where I was asking how to get conversation turned from the mundane to the meaningful.  The answer is to simply surround myself with more like-minded people.  Not to ignore those friendships that don’t challenge me so much, as these are still important and needed, but to place an emphasis on the iron sharpening iron part of my life.

It is biblical.  It is good.  And now, finally, after nearly three years of being here I can say I now have people in my life that have the same desires as me, that wish to be relentless in their faith and aren’t afraid to talk about it.  And the not being afraid to talk about it is the difference.

A few weeks ago I posted on facebook I posted that ‘I got me some good iron’.  In my usual cryptic way I was announcing to my friends that knew my hunger in this area, that I am making progress.  I am not stuck in the same valley that I was.  Of course I then had to persuade my Mother that my iron levels are quite all right thank you very much.  Cryptic statuses are lost on so many people.

Everything I’ve been reading in my bible lately has been about loving people, and loving God and by loving God doing what he tells us to do.  And by showing we are loving and kind then we are showing the world that we are the children of God and others can get to know Him better.  The key words of LOVING and DOING and KINDNESS keep popping up.  Verbs.  Actions.  We have to do better at loving people.  We have to do more than just say we will pray for someone.  Don’t get me wrong I believe in the power of prayer with all my heart and I know prayer changes things.  But so does driving someone who needs to get somewhere.  So does cleaning someone’s house.  So does making a meal or baking for someone.  For the first time in our marriage of nearly 13 years I want us to have a second car.  I don’t want to be stuck at home when I could be out helping someone ~ doing SOMETHING for them.  As well as praying.

So often we read about social action things and think we can’t do anything to help.  That’s too big a problem for little old me to make a difference in.  But, in our little worlds, we can make a difference.  We can be the difference.  Crowds don’t change the world.  Disciples do.  Do~ers of the word.

I know I’m ranting.  I guess this is one of my greatest passions in life.  To not just talk about stuff ~ but to actually DO stuff.  And I know part of this passion comes from being the recipient of a lack of ‘doing’, from being the recipient of a lack of help and a lack of reaching out when that was all I really wanted and needed.  But if God can turn my hurts and grief over this around and show me how important it is to live out in day~to~day life…then that’s the miracle of it all.  That I haven’t shut down and inwardly been crushed.

Let us show our love by our actions.



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