BAM! New words in my bible….

Don’t you love it when God just miraculously adds words to the bible?  Well it feels like that huh?  What is really happening is you are reading, really reading a passage with new eyes, or a new and different understanding, or it could be as simple as reading a different translation to your normal one.

Anyway – bam!  I read something this morning and for the very first time I understand it better – and it is AMAZING – it could revolutionize your life.  It really could.

  ‘For I can do everything God asks me to with the help of Christ who gives me the strength and power’  – Philippians 4: 13

That is it.  BAM!  And here are the new key words for me……..everything God asks me to……..

For years and years I’ve just thought the verse went ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’  Which is great – it is an amazing statement, and wonderful words.  BUT this translation with its mentioning of ……everything God asks me to……defines it so much better. I’d love to read what the original Greek says.

For all the tasks that God asks us to do – all the missions in life he has for us, and only us – HE WILL give us the strength and power.  This verse clarifies things.  So often we think of things that we should and could be doing and they may be all good and worthy things……but at the end of the day….are they what God wishes us to do?  For it is under the umbrella of doing everything that God asks us to do, that there is Christ’s strength and power.  This verse also highlights the fact that God is so very personable, wanting to speak to each of us, with distinct callings for each of us.

This verse also means that where and when God calls us, he enables us.  He gives us all the tools to complete the task that we need.

What a promise to cherish and what a good kick up the backside to encourage us to seek His will for all things.


4 thoughts on “BAM! New words in my bible….

  1. Ahhh I was just thinking about this verse… And the power that it holds… So much that I’m reading right now seems new… But I feel like I have let his word become desensitized in my life… So I was like oh that’s cool… What’s for lunch… When in reality those words alone are life changing… LIFE CHANGING!!!! We can do ALL things through christ!!! Holy crap!!! What an amazing thing to live and own!! Ooo you just I soured a blog post!!:):) hehe love you girl!

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