Spring’s Wonders

The temperatures in our neck of the woods are slowly, ever so slowly, creeping up, and the blossoms are popping forth their flowers.  Pink, and white, all over the valley.  Beautiful, just beautiful.

On the way to my husband’s workplace I happened upon this beauty today.

It is a bit hard to see in this photo – but this is one tree.  Not two.  And for the first time that I’ve ever noticed before, it is pink and white blossom together.  In one tree.

Now I’m sure the gardeners among you could tell me how this came about, but to me, the first thing I thought of when I saw it was ‘abide’.

This is the perfect visual image of abiding in God…..one in the other….

Abiding in God =

understandings are in Him

souls are in Him

confidence is in Him

asylum is in Him

Abiding.  The pink and white blossom together – engrafted.

The Lord and I.  Resting in Him.  His word engrafted in me.

‘If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.’ – John 15:7


4 thoughts on “Spring’s Wonders

  1. that tree is amazing! how stunning! does it make 2 fruits? tony had a grafted in plum tree that used to produce 2 different types of plums and “fertalize” itself through cross polination each year.

    but i love the imagry, remain and abide in Him!

  2. We had a tree like that! We thought we were getting a white tree, and them when it bloomed – one grafted branch was pink! It looked so funny because the top was white and the bottom was pink. Then, a funny thing happened. After several years, the pink part became white and it is now an all white tree! Now that’ll preach!!! When we are grafted into the Body of Christ, we become like Him. Blooming at the same season, looking similar but distinguishable. And then, that moment of complete surrender… Now, you are one with Him. His fruits are your fruits. Sorry, long comment but it was a VERY cool tree!!

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