Can I just say…..

…..I am soooo excited.  I am working on my next two posts and they really excite me.  Not because of anything I am writing, not because of my words……oh noooooo.  I have approached a group of ‘wise women’, women all in their fifties and sixties who have a strong walk with the Lord.  I’ve asked them a couple of questions that have been on my mind lately…and they have been ever so graciously replying…..

And what I am receiving for answers to my questions are nuggets.  Nuggets of wisdom.  Nuggets of gold – formed by the fire of ‘life’, formed by pure and raw experience…..

Practical ‘stuff’.

And eeeekkkkk it blesses my heart and changes me.

Should be ready my Tuesday night…..

In the meantime I’m listening to the new Passion 2012 album ‘White Flag’.  It is sooooo goood.

One my favs….

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