For when you are stuck in your story…….

“For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, But My loving kindness will not be removed from you, And My covenant of peace will not be shaken,” Says the LORD who has compassion on you.
– Isaiah 54:10

Life is beautiful. Life is amazing. Life is a wonderful roller coaster ride…of ups, and……of downs. Life can hurt. Life can be messy.

The mountains in our lives can be shaken. And sometimes we can get stuck in our story. Sometimes we dwell on these curveballs that come our way…..and we dwell too long.

We all know people who cannot hold a conversation without referencing to their ‘whammy’ event in their life. We’ve all read blogs that keep mentioning ‘this’ one issue time and time again…..

While some events in life do change us forever and we have no choice about that, how we react to these events is up to us.

For this topic I approached a group of amazing ‘wise women’, asking them to share their advice, speaking from their own lives. Sharing what they have learnt from the curveballs that have come their way. What a privilege to be able to share this with you today…..

How to deal with the curveballs of life.  How to not get stuck in your story –

*  Ask God to give you an eternal perspective.

*  Know God and His character – look at God’s promises.  His plans are amazing and good.  Period.

*  ‘Adjust…….you just learn to adjust’ – Mrs A.

*  Get yourself some input.  Input Christ based information daily – music, reading, podcasts.  This helps bring much needed perspective.  Look for the lesson in your journey.

*  Give yourself grace for the journey.  Give yourself some ‘down’ time.

‘God so often reminds me of the layers and layers of grace He wraps me in, so that I can continue to stand: from that I have learned to mentally take a deep breath, focus on a larger picture and apply some grace to my heart’ – Mrs Q.

* With curveballs that involve tricky people situations – ask God to help you see them through His eyes.  Allow His grace to flow from you to them, to love them and bless them and even want to pray for them.

*  ‘Remember we are pilgrims.  As we embrace and yield to God’s plans for us – even when they are uncomfortable and hard, He gives us the strength and grace we need’ – Mrs D

*  Curveballs and major crises have to be dealt with on our knees.

*  Every verse that can be memorized, quoted, written and taped on mirrors WORKS!  Surround yourself with His promises.

*  Understand that others will ask you about your particular situation.  They ask because they care.  The choice to dwell longer than is necessary on your ‘issue’ is yours – you can give them an honest answer and then move the conversation on…..

*  Humour.  You have to have a sense of humour and not take yourself too seriously. ‘A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken’ Proverbs 15:13

*  When trouble strikes often one’s first instinct is to act like a turtle. To withdraw from life, and especially from others when in fact we need good friends around us the most.  Keep your girlfriends around you, treasure the accountability that comes with having  kindred spirits around you.

*  Expect God to provide you with opportunities to minister to others, once you have come out the other side of your ‘adventure’ – this is to show God’s healing power and restoration truly at work in your life

‘Whatever God saved you from, He’ll turn you around and make you a minister to someone going through the same’  – Mr A.

And finally…….when you live in a relationship with God that is fresh, that you strive to keep from becoming stagnant, then HE changes us, if we allow him to.  So it just isn’t possible to stay stuck in our story.  We are moved on…….so my next blog post will be looking at PRACTICAL ways in which we can keep our relationship with the Lord FRESH.

One thought on “For when you are stuck in your story…….

  1. It is wonderful to have peace–HIS peace while on this up ‘n down roller coaster called Life. My obstacles have made me more of who I am than even my joys–so I do thank God for them and don’t ever wanna waste my pain. I want, no, need it to be used–and then, ta dah! comes the joy. And that joy is Jesus. It’s always all about Jesus… ❤ I love you, Fiona, and your posts.

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