Developing hinds’ feet

Hot on the heels of my last two posts about how to deal with curveballs when they come your way and keeping your relationship with God fresh, here is some insight from a dear friend Sheri who has dealt just recently with the big C.  (Words in italics are Sheri’s own words).

The big C = cancer.  Yick.  Scary.  Nasty.  Painful. Grueling. Stealer of time, energy and people.

However, our God is greater, our God is stronger, God is higher than any other – that is what Sheri can still sing with all her heart and mind and soul, even after enduring two surgeries, a staph infection, chemotherapy, radiation, and now is still taking a special pill a day.

17 Though the fig tree does not bud 

   and there are no grapes on the vines, 
though the olive crop fails 
   and the fields produce no food, 
though there are no sheep in the pen 
   and no cattle in the stalls, 
18 yet I will rejoice in the LORD, 
   I will be joyful in God my Savior.

 19 The Sovereign LORD is my strength; 
   he makes my feet like the hinds’ feet, 
   he enables me to tread on the heights.

– Habakkuk 3: 17- 19

 I’ve been reading a bit of Joyce (Meyer) lately, she’s really quite choice.  Joyce says ‘that the way we develop hind’s feet (a hind is an animal that can climb mountains swiftly) is “to walk not to stand still in terror”, to walk and make spiritual progress upon the high places of trouble, suffering or responsibility’. Which is what needs to happen, when curveballs come our way.

It seems to me that often we don’t realize how strong we really are until we have to be strong.  We don’t know how tight we have to cling onto God’s promises, until they are the only things left to cling onto.  When all around us seems uncertain.

 When I was waiting for the biopsy results, an acquaintance was expressing her fear on my behalf and I could honestly tell her that it didn’t change anything. Whether it was benign or malignant, treatable or not, live or die – my future is the same. I am a child of the most high King.

I love that Sheri said this.  Nothing can change that.  Whatever situations we’re in – we’re His and we have that blessed assurance.

God has been so close. So incredibly close. Scripture says count it all joy, so we don’t get to decide what we count as joy.

Ugh…..we don’t get to decide what we count as joy…….I’d rather not even have to learn how to count major sickness and illness as joy…..but, as Sheri says…we just don’t get to choose.

And the support system He placed around me. I can never express enough how clearly I saw Jesus in the people around me.

This makes my heart sing – that Sheri does have good support around her, but my heart bleeds for people who don’t have a good support system around them….community is just sooo sooo important.

One day, early on, before chemo and you couldn’t tell that I was a cancer patient. I was in my surgeon’s office- he does all surgeries so again no reason to assume I am a cancer patient. And this lady, in her 30-40s looks at me and said, cancer is a slow way to die. And for a half a second I felt fear, and then the voice of God whispered “it’s not about you”. And I prayed with her. Her name is Sara, she has a seven year old.

During radiation, I met two sisters I would guess in their 70’s. They live together in a manufactured home in Phoenix. Joyce has lung cancer, and Gaylene drives her to her treatments. We sent them cookies – they both have sweet tooths! We invited them to Easter. When Rick is recovered we are taking them to dinner.

Isn’t this just God?  In the midst of her own pain, issues, uncertainties and treatments and all the trauma that they place on the body and mind, Sheri’s heart was turned towards others and their issues and their scenarios.  Why?  Because that’s how God works – when a heart is already in love with Him and when we have peace and know He is for us and not against us, then our eyes and ears are tuned into others needs and hurts, no matter what we are going through.  And along the journey…….we are developing hind’s feet.

Everywhere we look, we see God’s fingerprints. I have heard people say cancer is a gift. I have heard people say cancer is a curse. To me it is neither, it is a disease. And I have a Healer.

Many thanks to Sheri for sharing part of her journey with me.  xx

6 thoughts on “Developing hinds’ feet

  1. wow, another amazing post fee…

    i listened to a podcast the other night and the guy was talking about “settling things iwth God” – been settled in His will and knowing His goodness and faithfulness… so that no matter what you face, you’re settled, you’ve settled it iwth him… so paul could say “you can kill me, its settled with Him, you can beat me, its settled with Him, you could jail me, its settled with Him, and i’ll keep shinning bright and having faith because its all settled with Him” as shari said – i’m a child of the King.

    last year was my year of discovering that joyce meyer rocks… i hadnt really read much or listened much to her but she is wise and solid. read her biography… ma-te… some people diss her but man she has been a gift to me and to me as a leader – i so have invested in her books and just pass them on.

    charlotte gambill talked about “the long way round” at sistas last year… and how the long way round takes people with you to jesus – sounds like your friend shari is doing it right the long way round, seeing those around her that need the miracle too and including them in her journey, so they can discover the hope she has.

    you’re a long way round inspiration too fee. and a woman with her feet in the right shoes for traversing whatever road God has for you

      • it was a great message, spurred by when the icelandic volcano exploded, they had to stay in USA instead of going home (extra 2 weeks) and then she had to stay for more ministry and then when she was sitting in the plane the pilot said “hey folks, just heard that the volcano has gone off again but not as bad… i will get you home, but it will be the long way round” (she tells it so much better) and God just dropped it into her heart that often we go the long way round… but we will get there…

        she married it with 2 resurrection stories:

        the widow of nain, jesus walks by and sees the funeral procession, raises the boy up. instant miracle.

        lazaras… they send word, jesus the friend you love is sick… and jesus delays. and the disciples wonder why. and jesus says its so God can be glorified. and jesus makes it plain that lazaras is dead. and jesus waits. and the disciples are now on the journey. then mary and martha approach jesus. and they are on the journey. and the mourners and religious leaders who were there are on the journey. and then lazaras is raised. and God is glorified.

        she talked about her own problems with fertility and years of treatment and one day she looked up and saw all the people in the waiting room at the clinic and realized she had never talked to them and that she goes home and has hope in God and a great family and church support and what did they have? so she reached out because she could understand exactly what they were going through. she took them on her journey and she walked with them on theirs.

        some people get an instant she said. and some people get the long way round. both are awesome. its a matter of appreciating that the long way round is God’s plan and God’s path and “to take as many people with you” and to notice the people on the way that you can minister to.

        of course i didnt say it as good as her and try to condense it have left out some of the wow moments – so i hope it makes sense!!!

      • lol… that is good :o) is good perspective to have, that whatever we’re going through having that vantage point of knowing that God is good and God is great and God is at work and that its a way to develop connections to take people to Him – you have a story that people can relate to and you can relate to where they are in a deeper real life way…

  2. Our God does get us through, not just over and around and it is soooo good. I want hinds feet–but sorta cringe at those high places. Ha! I don’t do heights–but with God, well, okey dokey. And, as Shari, both Rand and I truly say it is good we were afflicted, and either way, whatever way–it’s win/win and victory with us–AND HIM!

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