On boats, and not missing them.

The point of my post today is very short and simple.


I just want to share a little something – it may rock your boat, baby – it may not.


Today you need to know that you have not ‘missed the boat’.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, how long or short a time you’ve been walking with the Lord, as long as you still have breath – you have not missed the boat.

We may have missed opportunities to shine for the Lord.  We may have passed up chances to serve the Lord.


But it is not too late.


Today we can decide to say YES to God’s opportunities and plans for our lives.  Today we can choose to seek His will.

The longer we sit around, lamenting the fact that we FEEL we have ‘missed the boat’, the longer we are hesitating at the gangplank.  While we waste time looking at what other people are writing/ singing/ speaking/ doing for the Lord, our eyes are not on Him, and our hearts are not seeking what is right for US.

Our God is a patient God.  His boats run on his schedule. Every day is filled with new moments to say ‘yes’ to Him, and in the saying ‘yes’…….we’re stepping onto the gangplank and beginning the journey of embarking on our voyage.

Bon voyage friends!



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