Who’s the hero?

  When I was at University there was a very important booklet that I really valued and it would accompany me on every late night computer lab encounter I had, and then when I finally got my own computer, it held pride of place right beside me at my desk.  This booklet gave the correct ways in which to write out any and all of the references that you may ever need to use in a formal piece of writing.  Depending on where you find your information, where you find a particular quote, then there is a ‘correct’ way to show where that information came from.  We were encouraged to quote other people’s research – but – the golden rule is – always give credit where credit is due.  

  I’ve been thinking about this give credit where credit is due business a bit lately.  And it makes sense.  It honours those who have worked hard and gone before us, and it keeps us humble.  

  Here in blogland, in Christian circles and in what would be classified as ‘faith blogs’ I wonder, I really wonder, how often do our keyboards point the way towards God as being the hero.  The hero of our stories  Towards God as being front and centre stage in our lives. 

  It is easy to write about what God is doing in us, and even what we’re doing for God.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  A lot of people use blogs as merely a tool for sharing their lives, nothing more and nothing less.  But I can’t help but ponder this thought:  how can I blog with true humility?  How can I give the Lord credit for every way that He impacts my life and how can I portray this so that He shines?  

Credit gives honour where honour is due and keeps me humble.

I never really thought of myself as much of an evangelist before, but I’ve been thinking more and more that my words SHOULD be showing Jesus as key to all I do and say and as being my motivation. They (my words) should be, because He is my motivation and inspiration.  My saviour.  

 I truly believe that there is an attractiveness and a beauty to the things of God when people can SEE what He is up to in people’s lives. And I believe that this is more powerful than when we blog about it. And when we facebook status it.  And certainly when we tweet about it.   

  The whole actions speak louder than words business.  

  I wonder if I am taking far too many liberties when I liken Jesus’ words here: When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.(Matthew 6: 5)  Liken this to our modern day issue of blasting social media sites with all our good deeds and all that is happening in our lives. 

  Now I’m not saying we should keep our stories to ourselves, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t share what God is telling us and doing in and through us.  No, not at all.  These things should be shared and there is undeniable power in a testimony. But what I am saying is credit should be given where credit is due.  God – in all His power and might should be displayed so strongly that there is no doubt that He is the hero in our stories.  Without Him we are nothing.  It is only because of Him, we are anything.

  Could we be in the middle of a time where a new humility is needed?  Where the spotlight is not anywhere near us, but on giving a clear and distinct message – far different from what the world is saying – that great and mighty things can happen when we choose to follow Him.  Great and mighty things can happen we are obedient to His urgings and callings.

  Who is the hero of your most recent blog post?

  Who is the hero of your twitter feed?








2 thoughts on “Who’s the hero?

  1. ooh, so good! this is the second time in the last week where someone has likened blogs to what the pharisees did. I really love that you made that note. thank you so much for participating in the link up!

    • haha thanks Sarah. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Actually the first comment about the pharisees on your blog was me as well. (I don’t get out much!, so I remembered I had written about it and linked up with you!).

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