A kick in the backside

This morning I got home from church and went into a post-church frenzy.  Normally my mornings are quite organized and I get things done before going out, but not this morning.  I was doing it solo getting ready to go out, and the toddler was…..being a toddler….So I came home to the remains of what was small tornado in my house.

I was in the middle of my put a load of washing on wash the breakfast dishes sweep the cereal off the floor wipe the toothpaste from the basin get some snacks into the kiddos frenzy in which the kids may or may not have raised their voices at each other and I may or may not have raised my voice back at them, when I happened upon this:


   Talk about getting a kick in the backside from the six year old.

  Interpretation for those of you not familiar with beginner’s writing :  You are the best person that I know.  I love you God.  I love Christ. (Insert cross and sun).

I love that he wrote a love letter to God this morning and I stand corrected for my bad attitude.  I wonder how different our lives, our writing, our hearts would be if we wrote more love letters to God?

Love letters to God for the sake of just telling Him how much we love Him.  Not as a display of our thankfulness, not as an exercise in changing our attitudes, not as part of playing the Pollyanna ‘Glad game’ but simply because we want to tell Him how much we love Him.

Just a thought, just something I know I need to work on.


2 thoughts on “A kick in the backside

  1. Hey Fiona,
    So cute! But I read it as one of those “God Speaking” billboards…
    a letter from God to YOU via your son.

    You are the best person I noe. (sic)
    I love you,
    We have a lot to learn from 6 year-olds.

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