All the (married) ladies in the house…….

There’s not a lot ever posted in blogland on the topic of sex.  Nope.  People tend to stay away from this one.

I can’t believe I just wrote that three-letter word myself.

But I have to admit I’m not blushing.  Not yet, anyway.

Now let me state this very clearly just because I am choosing to do one little blog post on this today….this an expert or a crazy woman addict does not me make.  Just passing on some knowledge is all.  Was gonna say ‘tips’ but thought better of that!

I will say that my husband is the very best husband in the world, and I am learning to be a better wifey.

My blog is all about honesty, talking friend to friend.  I’m sorry if I ever sound preachy.  That’s not my intent.  I believe God has brought me through some things not just for myself, but to share with others, to glorify Him.  So if in my sharing I sound preachy, then forgive me.  This blog is as much about reminding myself of things as anything, telling myself to action upon things, to be changed from the inside out.

Where was I?

Sex.  That’s right.

Ladies take a minute to go and peruse your undies drawer.  Go on.  Go and look through your unmentionables.  Let’s mention them today. I’ll still be here when you get back.  Sitting here, enjoying my cuppa tea.  Away you go.

You back?

Right o.  Now tell me.  Just play along, ok?  Did what you see make you go woohoo?  Or boohooo??  Comfortable cotton – dating back to ‘post-baby practical you’ or racey lacey?

If you said ‘boohoo’ then that was me until a couple of weeks ago.  I decided I needed to do my part to…you know…..Now I have some ‘woohoo’ in my drawer and I like to call them  my magic undies.  Yep.  I didn’t spend a lot of money – only $9 for three (thanks Kohl’s clearance!) and somehow, magically, they DO make me feel different.  Feel better.  Feel racey.  Feel like……you know.

So if you have some boohoo going on, get yourself some magic undies.  And if you’re a rare male reading this….buy your wifey some magic undies.  You will be rewarded. 🙂

Now I’m not saying that’s all there is to a healthy and happy marriage, with a happy and healthy sex-life (there’s that word again). It is not that simple.  But it is one thing that helps.  One thing that you can do.  One thing that can change things.  And one thing that is often overlooked in the busy days and long nights, of putting little people’s needs and wants first.

Another thing.  If you have kids, little kids you’re probably quite tired.  Continually tired.  We’re the reason coffee is so popular, and drive- thru coffee kiosks were created just for us.  There is a universal truth – Motherhood makes you bone-weary.

Sometimes when you finally get to bed after a crazy day running around after little hooligans.  Darling hooligans, but hooligans none-the-less the thought crosses your mind……’is he going to want to tonight?’  Its not that you don’t necessarily want to, you know it is important, you know you’ll even enjoy it….but having that question mark in your head, can do your head in sometimes.  Especially when your littlies are very little, especially when you feel like you’ve been sharing your breastfeeding body all day anyway.  Those days are tough.

One little idea an older lady passed onto a bunch of us ‘learners’ at a ‘wife-school’ course I did recently, called ‘Apples of Gold’ (if you ever get a chance to partake in this – doooooo!!) is to have a candle in your room.  A scented candle that your husband can light, if he has only one thing on his mind that evening.  Or  – mix things up – YOU light it, if you’re wanting some sheet action.  That way it takes the question mark away from your head as you get ready for bed and you have time to turn your attitude from an ‘ok, then……if we must…’ to ‘all righty babe, I’m fully here and fully yours’.

Trust me.  The candle thing is wonderful for a tired Momma.

Attitude is everything in a lot of things, but especially in marriage.

So, add to this week’s shopping list: scented candle and some racey lacies.  I dare ya!


2 thoughts on “All the (married) ladies in the house…….

  1. LOVE FI!!! My hubs is so so so so very private I am nixed from this topic when it comes to blogging… or talking… to really anyone… but I’m so glad you shared… As I have been fighting through emotions and questioning my motives I have also come across a nasty word called ENTITLEMENT… weeks… it gets me into a lot of trouble… and even between the sheets trouble. So many days I am just plum tuckered and “sheet” action is the LAST thing I want to think about and because I’ve worked hard physically and emotionally ALL day I think I’m entitled to be “too tired” not good… not good at all… because one night turns into two and then three and then the giant no-sex snowball begins to form. We’re always going to have lots going on and I know for me I’m probably always going to be beat at the end of any day… I think it just means mentally preparing to be a good wife earlier in the day… if I do things are great… if I don’t and decide to hop back on the entitlement train that’s when so many areas of our marriage start to get challenging. Thanks so much for posting! An amazing reminder for us all:):) PS… my drawer is totally filled with boohoo:( But not for long:):)

    • It IS a private topic. And I hope I was respectful enough of the topic. But I do think there are certain aspects that can be shared, to the right people, in the right way… I did. (Say’s the girl who has never talked about this even with her BFF).
      I’m sure the whole entitlement thing is a huge thing for lots of couples – I’m sure you are not alone. All I know, the longer I am married is that the better this area of my life is, the better every area of my marriage is. And yes – run out that door to get some magic undies……:-) Love you girl!!

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