Silence is like a chameleon.  It can be many different things, to many different people.  Silence can be a good and necessary thing, but it can also be a stumbling block.  A way of sending a mixed message and a cause for more angst.

Most of us crave some degree of silence to surround us from time to time.  When you have small children there is nothing sweeter than watching those children sleeping.  Quiet reigns.  For a time.  And it is a beautiful thing.

There are times in our lives when it is best to be silent.  When biting one’s tongue means that arguments are avoided.  Small mole hills are not made into mountains.  When it is more important for parents to show a united front before their children, than to discuss their different opinions and cause wavering thoughts.

Then there are times when it is necessary to speak up.  To end the silence.  To declare God’s truths.  To say it how it is.  No matter how much your voice quivers and squeaks.

No-one is ever remembered for what they stayed silent about.

Silence can convey indifference.

Loyalty is never silent.

People can’t know what we’re thinking, what we’re feeling, where we sit with things, unless we tell them.  Unless we break our silences.  We can’t be a good friend if we never communicate with our friends.  We can’t get past the fluff and nonsense if we never dig deeper in conversations and talk about real issues and real feelings and real life.

But how do we know when to be silent and when to clear our voices and declare our thoughts, loudly and clearly?

I’m the first to say I get it wrong sometimes.  I stay silent when I should talk.   I talk when I should stay silent.  But I’d rather try and mess up, and learn along the way than not have friends know how much I love and admire them, than not be able to share ideas on how to improve things usually from me learning things the hard way.  And I’m learning that it doesn’t matter that my knowledge on ‘stuff’ is limited, as long as I’m still learning and still trying.

What I do know is that I’m learning to be led by Him.  I’m learning to be led by the Holy Spirit, and the more I listen, the more I know when to speak up and when to be silent.

Silence can be so comforting and…..just so right.  When it is you and a dear friend, silence can be the greatest gift.  Silence with my husband is never awkward or wrong, but accepting and loving.  And silence can be frustrating and it can create anxious moments so very easily.  The difference is having peace.  The peace that passes all understanding, in being led by the one who is in control of the universe.  That’s my God.  That’s my King.


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