Five Minute Friday: Look

Five Minute Friday


No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation.

Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

5 mins of writing on a set topic.

I’ve decided that if I ever wanted to do more writing….and to really get serious about it then I need to be able to just write.  Simply write.  So I’m going to join some friends linking up at Lisa-Jo’s blog and we shall see what fun ensues…..

So here goes….



My mind has been on a particular tweet that entered my twitter feed today.  I can’t stop thinking on these words: The ancient Greeks didn’t write obituaries – they asked one question when a person died ‘what was their passion?’ – J John

This is my new challenge to myself.

We learn a lot about someone when we know what and who they are passionate about.

When you die, what will people remember about you?  What did people know about you?  For really, truly, our passions drive us, our passions make us known.What will people remember about me?  What do people know about me?

What do people see when they look at you?

What does your life say, about what drives you, what motivates you?

Look.  People are looking at you.  People are seeing you.

No matter how small you feel, no matter how lonely your days, or how insignificant you believe you are – you are seen.  You have an audience.

Your audience is of One, but also of those around you, when you don’t even feel the eyes on you.

What is your passion, and are you living it out, for people do look and people do see.

Look.  People are looking, at you and at me.




11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Look

  1. That is a really good post! I love the thought of being “known” by what I’m passionate about. It’s a little convicting as well…
    Glad I stopped by!

  2. “No matter how small you feel, no matter how lonely your days, or how insignificant you believe you are – you are seen.” So good for me to remember the passions I have as a reflection of God who put them in me, for the benefit of those around me. Thank you so much, dear friend.

      • Thank you so much for checking in, darling. I am doing pretty well. My numbness is still there. My pain has been pretty manageable. I am exhausted, though, and I know that to really heal I need to slow. That is hard for me. I have so many passions, actually, so to surrender them to God and allow Him to work through me and show me how to say no, or not now, or not yet, is really challenging. How are you doing? Are you clear about how long you might be in the US? Are you in a place of needing to hold your passions loosely, or do you feel the calling to pursue them in new ways or…? So grateful for you. xoxo

      • Pain, continual pain is so very tiring. I’m sorry. It is very hard to see how and where to cut things out in our busy lives…..and how to actually make life slower…..It is a very good thing to have lots of passions, and when you are one who is very capable and talented and have people rely on you to fill positions and responsibilities, then that is hard. Better to edge your way quietly and respectfully out of a few commitments in order for rest….than to totally hit the wall and have to quit all…..easier said than done though….

        Yes we know we’ll be leaving by Dec 2013 at the latest….earlier if my husband is needed for a new job before then. His boss here has given us the freedom to leave when we need to. There is no job to step into yet though….all in God’s hands….we’ll wait for the door to open. The school year in NZ goes from Jan – Dec, so we’re mindful of that.

        I think I’m in the position now of knowing what my passions are and being able to work in them, pursue them to some extent now, but also be absolutely clueless as to how other passions will be outlived…..I’m definitely in the waiting stage for some things….

  3. “Better to edge your way quietly and respectfully out of a few commitments in order for rest….than to totally hit the wall and have to quit all” — true, true, girl!
    For you, Fiona, it sounds like a place of waiting in many ways. And yet, I so admire your ability to hold that unknown while continuing to pursue meaningful life right where you are — connections, service, seeking hard after God. What a faith journey.
    With you leaving for sure by Dec. 2013, I think it’s decided that the very next time I’m in So. Oregon, I’m going to see you! Ali and I have already discussed it, and I can’t wait!

    • I’m not always so cool, calm and collected in the waiting and the wondering…trust me……YES YES YES, there has to be a time to meet!! xxx

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