A good reminder…..

Isaiah 26:3,4
He will keep in perfect peace all who trust in him, whose thoughts turn often to the Lord!  Trust in the Lord God always, for in the Lord Jehovah is your everlasting strength.


This would have to be one of my top ten verses of all time!  It is a beautiful promise from the Lord…….you choose to trust Him, in return you get perfect peace.

Not a peace that comes and goes, like the changing tides.  No.  Perfect peace.  Consistent.  Even-keeled.  A certainty.

When this world is full of trouble, turmoil and chaos, we have at our fingertips the offer of perfect peace.

When we can’t see the path before us, we can still have perfect peace.

When people hurt us, and harsh words are spoken.  When family units dissolve and sickness strikes.  When bills pile up, cars break down and the expectations of others and obligations get all too much, we can still have peace.  Perfect peace.

If we trust in the Lord always, then the Lord will be our everlasting strength.  Though our flesh is weak, in and through Him we can have the strength to face whatever comes our way.

Sounds like a sweet deal.  I’m in.  Who’s with me?


If there ever was such a thing as a typical blogger, it certainly wouldn’t be me.  There is no schedule or routine to the times when I post, I’ve never been to a blogging conference and even if I would (sometimes) love to, I could never go to one, I don’t do anything to draw traffic to this blog and I don’t partake in any of the blogging ‘trends’, apart from Five Minute Friday.

While I’m just not a typical blogger, if there was such a thing, one little trend that is doing the rounds at the moment, is for people to choose a ‘word’ for the year.  A word that has meaning to them and gives them a bit of direction for the new year.  So while I avoid most trends in my feeble blogging attempts……I’ve got me a word for the year.  Yep.  I know.  It just found me somehow.  I didn’t go out soulsearching, there was no pondering over a few lattes.  It just came to me.

Revelation.  I’ve realized I want and need new and fresh revelation this coming year.  Revelation of God’s love, His empowerment to me, revelation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and new revelation from His word.

We’re only a few days past Christmas.  It was a joyful Christmas for us this year.  We spent lovely times together as a family unit and with friends who opened their hearts, arms and home to us.  In the evening of Christmas Day, while driving home I couldn’t help but think. ‘It is all over’.  ‘And so this is Christmas?’.  Then the word ‘revelation’ popped into my head.  Christmas doesn’t have to finish when the last of the ham is eaten, the tree is put away and the carols stop being played.  No, we can have new and fresh revelation from the Lord every day, of every month.  The wonder of Jesus continues throughout the year, if we seek Him.

I’ve resisted blogging about the Sandy Hook shooting for the very fact that other people have already said much more eloquently than I ever could, the things I’ve been thinking.  But all of the gun debate that has surfaced since that awful event has been very eye-opening for this gal.  I get that people are into their rights, I get that people feel safer if they are armed, I even get that I live in an area where hunting is huge and enormously popular and the majority of people know how to use their weapons safely and are responsible.  But here’s my thing…..we all need to have our hearts and eyes wide open and not be too narrowminded to think our way is the only way.  Revelation.  We need to ask the Lord for new revelation and we need to know it is ok to maybe change our minds on a few things…..take into perspective other people’s opinions and learn from the mistakes of the past.  Let’s not be stubborn people, let’s not be pig-headed, let’s be open to new and fresh revelations.

At the start of December my family and I were hugely blessed to be able to travel to Northern California to meet up with friends from home, who were in the States on their way to the UK for holidays.  It was the best of times…we introduced them to all things American:  Costco, peanut butter m &ms, Cold Stone Creamery and we went to church with them.  To a very special church. We got to go to three different services and before we got to the first one my husband prayed that we would get ‘new revelation from the Bible’.  And, we did.  New food for thought, new meaning from verses, fresh insight, and even now, at home, many weeks later as I read a book written by one of the Pastors of this church, every chapter brings with it new revelation.  Wonderful!

For some of you the new year doesn’t fill you with much joy.  Some of you are facing hard times with health, family issues, financial struggles and a lot of uncertainty.  I’m sorry.  Life can be hard, there can be rough and tough curveballs thrown at us – but I know someone who loves you very much, and He is just itching to give you a fresh and new revelation of His love.  Of his provision.  Of his power and might.

If you need a bit more hope, if you’ve lost your jollies with the last of the Christmas fudge being eaten, if your future looks a little bleak and you know your worries will follow you into the new year…then join me in asking for revelation.  Revelation from on high.

Who knows what this new year will bring with changed attitudes and perspectives?  New understanding of those around us…….new commitments to being better wives, Mums, sisters, Aunts, grandmothers and neighbours.

Revelation.  I’m after it, I’m chasing it, I’m hungry for it.  Are you?