Five Minute Friday: After

Five Minute Friday


No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation.

Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

5 mins of writing on a set topic.

I’ve decided that if I ever wanted to do more writing….and to really get serious about it then I need to be able to just write.  Simply write.  So I’m going to join some friends linking up at Lisa-Jo’s blog and we shall see what fun ensues…..

So here goes….


So often it is the after that brings with it sheer pain and anguish.

The muscles, after an out of shape attempt at some exercise.

The stomach, after an evening of over-indulgence.

The bank account, after an afternoon of retail therapy.

And the heart, bent, forever torn, after the passing of a loved one.

The after hurts.  The after smarts and stings and penetrates down deep.  But the after teaches and the after changes us.  The life lessons from the after are priceless, totally immeasureable.  Not something someone else can tell us.

But most importantly – the Lord is with us – in the now and in the after.  Nothing takes Him by surprise.  Nothing.  The God of Angels armies is by our side.

In the now, whatever your now is.

And He’ll be there in your after.


14 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: After

  1. The God of angel armies. Love that! The after does change us, though the change isn’t always easy. I like your words, and thanks for the reminder that nothing takes him by surprise. Happy Weekend.

  2. So glad you joined Five-Minute Friday…welcome! Love this post…such truth that it is the after that changes us and brings us closer to becoming who He wants us to be. Thank you for sharing…blessings!

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