Pedestals and Stepladders

One of the hats that I wear is the ‘co-ordinator for the childcare for the Mom’s group’ that I go to.  It has been an interesting role.  One I felt called to, but not one I’ll be sad to pass on.  In fact we have our last meeting for this school year this coming week and then that’s it for me….I’ve printed out all the checklists and need to know stuff for whoever takes over this role…and I’ve already handed it over.  Can you hear the angels singing?

Anyway, as always finding volunteers is never an easy thing and for about a month I knew I was a helper short for our last meeting.  So I did some advertising on my church facebook pages and held my breath, and waited.

No nibbles. No nibbles for three weeks until I got a message from the senior pastor’s wife saying she would love to do it.

Seriously?  I love that lady.  My initial thought was ‘No way, I can’t let her loose with the two and three year olds’…..that’s the class where altercations sometimes happen.  That’s the class with squabbles.  Stolen toys.  Noses out of joint.  And poopy diapers.

Seriously? Out of all the people that had seen my cry for help, this lady was the only one moved to step out and do something to help?  This lady who already does so much for the running of the church.  Whose phone rings at all times of the day and night with people needing her.  The demands of community.  The demands of position. The constant giving of herself.

Seriously?  Then I thought to myself, silly me, this lady is in control of her time and knows her boundaries.  Don’t put her on a pedestal Fiona.  She is leading by example.  Serving out of a love for her church, and a love for those children.

Maybe we all need to take people off these pedestals a bit more.

The pedestals that we create for them.

Maybe we need to lower our expectations of people and not try to size up their boxes for them.

Leaders.  Ministers.  Pastors.  Elders.  Yes they hold positions of authority.  But first and foremost they are people.  People who love the Lord.  People who love you and me.

Let’s give them honour and respect, let’s encourage and support them, but let’s partner with these people, instead of putting them on a pedestal.  Let’s not place undue expectations on them.

I’m swapping out the pedestals in my life, with stepladders.  Yes I will honour those who are in authority over myself, but I’m right there, holding onto their stepladder, making sure it is steady, doing all I can to make their job easier. To be a support in whatever capacity they need.  Wouldn’t it be neat to be a generation of stepladder holders?  Instead of pedestal makers?

I do hope though, that my own little two year is a cherub on Thursday at Mom’s group…….we shall see…..;-)


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