Be the change.

There’s a blog post that is being shared galore today, in my little world of facebook, and it is a good post.  I agree with the post, it talks of the whole modesty issue – concerning swimsuits – and the writer’s choice of favoring a one-piece over a bikini.

This is my little ole response to that – not to take anything away from it, but hopefully to add a little more perspective……

As the weather warms up, shorts and skirts and dresses get shorter and shorter in length, and tops get lower and lower.  That’s the way it is.  Those are the main styles sold in stores and you’re hard pushed to find much of a selection of longer shorts.  It’s true.

There are times when it is necessary for youth group leaders and young adult group leaders to take some time to address the whole modesty issue…the whole what is appropriate to wear to church on a Sunday or to the summer camp, or the whatever.  Those leaders will get up the front and talk about how it is your responsibility to not cause your brother to stumble, to not lead him unknowingly into temptation and boys are such visual creatures.

All true.

And young ladies will respond in various ways…….ranging from ‘but it is hot’…..when it is 100 degrees outside you don’t want to wear a lot of clothes.  ‘But that is the only style available’……yes true….those styles are the most readily available (but if you do look, you can find other more modest styles and if we all started opting for the more modest styles, then demand for that would increase and more styles would be available….)

Sound familiar?

Seems to be the one of the cries of summer.  Alongside the missions trips to Mexico, the epic water fights and the road trips and concerts.

While I’m totally in favour of covering up my heiny, and I do get embarrassed when I see a girl’s ‘girls’ a little too clearly…….I’m wondering if our message to young people needs to have more substance to it.  More than just ‘dress this way, because that’s what is expected of good Christian ladies’.

You see for people to change habits and lifestyles, there has to be some element of heart change.  There has to be that inner desire, that comes from doing something because YOU actually want to do it and not because Youth Leaders X, Y and Z are telling you it is a good idea.  It is a respectable idea.

For me, the best motivator for change, and the best motivation for how I live my life, is simply because I love Jesus.  And I know He loves me.

It is amazing what flows out of a heart that is in love with a Creator God.  Love is a very powerful motivator.

I don’t feel I need to dress a certain way to feel sexy, (and let’s face it, girls dress a certain way to make themselves feel good) – no matter what styles are for sale in a store, how a piece of clothing makes you feel determines if you wear it or not, unless you are motivated by a higher love. Then you don’t rely on clothes to make you feel a certain way.  I’ve gotten to this point in life because of who I know.  My God.  My creator.  The One who makes no mistakes.  The One who died on a cross for me.  He who loves me with an everlasting love.  Whose love is higher than the skies and deeper than the oceans.  This I believe.  This is ingrained deep down into my soul.  And because of this, I don’t feel the need to impress my peers, or be suggestive in my attire.

Along with the ‘why modesty is important’ talks and blog posts and cutesy pinterest posters, there has to be more in it for the teens and young ladies.  There has to be a revealing of just who Jesus is and what He has done for us.

There has to be a falling in love with Him, before there can be a falling in love with oneself and acceptance of oneself.

For with that acceptance of oneself, comes a natural form of modesty.

Imagine how life would look in your church, in your youth group, in your community, if believers would just do things out of a motivation for an audience of One.  Be the change.  That’s what would happen.  Be the change.



6 thoughts on “Be the change.

  1. We can’t change people. People will change just because they feel obligated if we hit them on the head long enough. Habits change when there is a real relationship with Jesus and we allow Him to be Lord of our lives as that is the only way the Holy Spirit can work in us to change us from glory to glory to be more like Him.
    Fiona, it makes a lot of sense. If only church leaders would understand that and teach what it is to have a relationship with Jesus instead of the what we have to do and what not to do. 🙂

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