On the outside, looking in.

I’m blogging on an iPad, not my fav way of blogging….but my laptop is suffering from a smashed screen. Alas the joys of international travel, when your luggage is tossed and hurled around like a rugby ball. Anyway – that is my way of letting you know, if you can’t read this and if there are a thousand typos in this – that is why. Broken laptop. But hey, I’m in my beloved New Zealand so all is well.

Last night my husband and I were treated to a neat concert. At the moment we are in our transition time, spending eight weeks with family in New Zealand before we move to australia. At the moment we are with my sister in a town called Dunedin, the Edinburgh of the South. A town full of a huge student population, thanks to the University of Otago, so colorful and vibrant because of that, but a city rich in its Scottish heritage.

The concert we went to was in a large and beautiful church. Two very well known New Zealand songwriters were finishing their acoustic church tour, and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening. One of the musicians has a solid christian faith, but doesn’t and hasn’t ever tried to market himself as a christian singer. His faith comes out in his lyrics though and as the two singers performed together, it was easy to tell whose song was originally whose. And the best part of the night was hearing the dialogue between songs. The chatty and friendly banter between the two performers and the backgrounds to how the songs were written. Fascinating it was.

So as I was sitting there being entertained so well, I couldn’t help but think that as helpful and as interesting as the background stories were, for my life, I don’t want the need for ‘background info gathering’. I don’t want people to have to dig around to find out what I stand for, to have to ask others what I am all about, and those ‘all about me’ ditties…..ugh…..forget about that. Not a fan.

In my ideal world my life would be an open book.

This is Fiona. She loves God, her family, and people. People matter to her.

But we don’t live in an ideal world do we? Life is complicated, messy and I need to remember that many, many things I do, and don’t do, become an advertisement for me. For what I do or don’t believe. For what I hold true and important in my life.

The everyday things in my life become the background to my story.
The same goes for you.

The things we Facebook about. Tweets. Pinterest. Snide remarks. Friendly comments. Casual conversations. Deep and meaningful conversations.

The things we allow our thoughts to dwell on. The worries, the concerns, the joys and the victories.

Everything that comes from me, is a reflection of me and what is going on in my heart. A reflection of what I allow God to work on in my life. The great physician’s scalpel carefully operating away, or stagnancy and complacency.

Sobering thoughts huh.

I need to pull my socks up, and remember just Who I represent. All the time.

My life isn’t a set of songs that become way more interesting once you know the circumstances behind the writing of the songs, no, but it is a representation of someone with a heart after God. The things I do and don’t do, tell a story to my christian and non-christian friends alike. The ones close to my heart, and the ones on the perimeter. On the outside looking in.

O Father God may my life reflect you, may your love overflow through me, and may me and my all my weaknesses become a conduit, to spotlight you, more and more.