In Awe

I don’t stand in AWE of many things.  I don’t know how or where I got my ridiculously high standards from, but I have the kind of personality that if I say something once, then it is truly heartfelt and I probably won’t repeat it.  So there aren’t a lot of people, or things that I am in AWE of, which is a little sad, but when I find these things, then I find them to be truly AWEsome and I want to tell the whole world about them, or tell at least my dear friends.

Last week I found a beautifully written blog, with an amazing story in it and an AWE-inspiring author.  Make time to read the blog of Angie Smith, as she tells you the story of her fourth daughter and God’s plans for this precious child.  Read the story here – Be prepared to laugh, cry your eyes out and have your eyes opened to an incredible  journey.

My words cannot do her story justice.  Yes the blog is written absolutely beautifully, but what is more beautiful is Angie’s heart.  I am in AWE of what God can do in a heart commited to Him.

From reading Angie’s blog I am even more convinced with all my being that whatever comes our way, God is still on His throne.  God’s love never changes.  And I serve an AWEsome God.

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