From where I sit……

Once a month, women in my valley are gathering together.  We meet to become better.  We meet to collectively meet the Father.  We meet to become fighters for what God has placed on our hearts.

From where I sit I can feel the evening breeze dancing upon the evening.  The tall grass sways to the rhythm.  Every so often the chorus of birds change-up their evensong just a bit.  Enough for us to notice their presence, but not enough to distract from our own harmonies and choruses.

From where I sit I can see the beautiful brown horse, hair glowing in the fading sunlight.  Undeterred from munching on his supper, this surge of estrogen is nothing new to this handsome animal.

We call this hill,’Hope Hill’.  From on top of this hill we can see out to two sides of this valley, two perspectives of the towns that most of us live in.  It is only two minutes away from our Costco, but it may as well be two hours.  Up here we are separate from demands and expectations, norms and the usual.

This hill does indeed hold some precious hopes and dreams.  We’re hungry to see something new.  To walk in forgiveness, to grow in Godly stature, to encourage and unify.

Behind us sits a house, a glorious house built with love by the community.  How appropriate that the community gathers here, to work on strengthening this community.

From where I sit we could turn our heads to marvel at the sunset, to see the pink fingers stretch across the sky.  Instead we keep our heads ahead.  Seeking to know Him better.  Wanting to lift our hearts as one.

From where I sit I feel the longing for more, for His power.  Not all may know it, but what that longing is, is really the in filling and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  To overflow with love for His people.  To move in new and mighty ways – not to bring glory to self – but to point the way to Him.

From where I sit I remember how joyful it is and what an honour it is, to pray for one another.  To seek the Lord for clarity, to be able to speak truth and life into being.  And how humbling to hear the stories of the women.  Hurt souls.  Pained souls.  And the glorious exchange for forgiveness, freshness and new beginnings.

For some this is the hard part.  The gathering with women, when some have been bruised from judgement, gossip and scorn.  To me it is the beautiful part.  To see unity – regardless of denomination, age, socio-economic background or past.  I think the hard part is the tomorrows.  The putting into action what the heart has declared to be changed.  The replacement of bad thinking with God’s thinking.

From where I sit there is the knowledge that where there is unity, then God commands a blessing.  A blessing to be poured out to love on people.  As we continue to gather may our hearts never be completely satisfied, may we want to know Him more.  May our voices declare the truth in song, boldly and harmoniously.  May we be truly repentant and emptied – ready to be filled anew.

May we not sit, but run.  Run the race we were individually called to – united in Spirit, love and truth.